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in: Dan DiDio/Executive Editor, Pop Mhan/Cover Artist, Joshua Dysart/Writer Pop Mhan/Penciler, Art Thibert/Inker, Jake Crippen/Inker, Nick Dragotta/Colourist, Janice Chiang/Letterer, Joan Hilty/Editor, Harvey Richards/Editor, Etrigan (New Earth)/Quotes, Jason Blood (New Earth)/Appearances, Elphius Levi (New Earth)/Appearances, Ame Okumura (New Earth)/Appearances, Shoko Ishiguro (New Earth/Appearances, Etrigan (New Earth)/Appearances, Yakuza/Appearances, Harry Matthews (New Earth)/Appearances, Thing-That-Cannot-Die (New Earth)/Appearances, United States of America/Appearances, Los Angeles/Appearances, Malibu/Appearances, Santa Monica/Appearances, Gotham City/Appearances, Jason Blood's Apartment/Appearances, Japan/Appearances, Tokyo/Appearances, Kodomo-No Uta/Appearances, Comics, 2004, 2004, January, November 12, 2003 (Publication), 2003, November (Publication), Demon: Driven Out Vol 1, Modern-Age, Synopsis Written

Demon: Driven Out Vol 1 3


Demon: Driven Out Vol 1 3

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"Verse III: Unbound": Shoko Ishiguro arrives at the address acquired by his men. A nosy neighbour mentions the problem tenant in #12 and they knock repeatedly. With no answer, Ishiguro's man kicks in the door and a rancid smell assaults them immediately. [[Elphius

Quote1 I'll never return, but I wish you to live... in memory of the time we've spent wed. For I'm about to unleash myself on the world... and I place it squarely upon your head. Quote2
-- Etrigan

Appearing in "Verse III: Unbound"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:


  • Downtown
  • Levi's Apartment
  • Ame's Condo
  • Levi's Laboratory (Mentioned only)
  • Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgery Institute (Mentioned only)
  • Tokyo Oyabun's Rooftop
  • Shinjuku District (Mentioned only)
  • Hell (Mentioned only)



  • Ame's Mustang (Destroyed)
  • Christ Tours Bus (Destroyed)
  • Motorbikes

Synopsis for "Verse III: Unbound"

Shoko Ishiguro arrives at the address acquired by his men. A nosy neighbour mentions the problem tenant in #12 and they knock repeatedly. With no answer, Ishiguro's man kicks in the door and a rancid smell assaults them immediately. Elphius Levi huddles naked on the floor of the disgusting apartment littered with electrical devices, the walls and floors smeared with liposuctioned fat. Thinking they've been sent by Jason Blood, Levi starts rambling, terrified at the thought of Etrigan now roaming free in a new host without Blood's unconscious humanity keeping the demon in check.

On the coastline near Malibu, the survivors of the Christ Tours bus crash witness first hand the horror of a demon's fury. Those foolish enough to attack the Hellion with no more than their convictions of faith meet the same fate as the bikers who ran Ame and Jason off the road. Jason tries to unbuckle his seatbelt before being wrenched out of the car by his former soulmate. Mocking the fragility of his once fleshy prison, Etrigan flings Blood to the sand and rummages through the wrecked Mustang, finding Ame's teddy. Eviscerating the plush bear, Etrigan discovers the tiny skulls of hummingbirds sewn inside, delighting in the odd nature of his new mortal host. Tossing the sundered toy aside, Etrigan scoffs at Jason's plea to spare the girl and return to his old vessel. The demon decides to let Jason live, only so he can witness what Etrigan plans to unleash on the world and know that he is accountable. He commandeers one of the gang's bikes and speeds off in a fit of cruel laughter.

From Ame's condo, Yutaka calls his superior in Tokyo, informing him of all the suspicious activity that has occurred since his arrival. The Oyabun instructs him to hold the Clan together in the absence of Ishiguro. Yutaka ends the briefing and returns to the four captured bikers kneeling on the floor. He asks his girlfriend to leave before he executes one on the end. He then demands to know who has decided to wage war on Clan Ishiguro. Outside the roar of an engine approaches rapidly, the ominous precursor to an inbound demon bestride a motorcycle.

Back at Levi's apartment, the frightened occultist recalls the events from twelve days ago leading up to the present to an impatient Ishiguro.

Levi approached Jason Blood in a Gotham dive bar. His reputation proceeded him, as Blood acknowledged him before he Levi could introduced himself. Unimpressed by Levi's egocentricities he allowed him a chance speak anyway. Levi explained how his modern alchemy - or computer mysticism - utilised electricity to map and contain metaphysical phenomena. Blood dismissed him, declaring he was done with the paranormal, but was stopped at the door when Levi claimed he could separate him from the son of Belial.
Blood invited Levi back to his apartment to explain further. After accidentally sitting on Harry, Levi expressed that he had the means to undo Merlin's soul knot, which would confirm him as one of the greatest minds in the occult world. Yes, Blood would grow old and eventually die, but he would be free of his curse. Blood deliberated on the proposal for a day before accepting Levi's invitation to Los Angeles.

At Ame's condo, the surviving Yakuza watch with horrified incredulity as Etrigan waltzes with the limp corpse of Yutaka's girlfriend.


  • This book was first published on November 12, 2003.
  • There is small artistic mistake in this issue where - in one panel - Ishiguro still has his left pinky finger.


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