"Verse V: Memories":

Quote1 While I was rooting around in his mind, I learned a lot about your life. About the girl you left. You tried to get rid of him for her, but Etrigan belongs to you, forever. No one else should have to bear a man's demon. Quote2
-- Ame Okumura

Appearing in "Verse V: Memories"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Yutaka (Dies)
  • Osamu (Dies)


Other Characters:

  • Shoko Ishiguro (Mentioned only)
  • Yakuza
  • Yutaka's Girlfriend (Appears only as a corpse)
  • Ishiguro Technologies Receptionist
  • Korean Killers
  • Cambodian Crips
  • Wo Hop To Triad
  • Vietnamese Black Dragon Gang
  • Glenda Mark (In a photography only; over the telephone; flashback only)


  • Downtown
  • Ishiguro Technologies (Destroyed)
  • Ishiguro's Office (Destroyed)
  • Overcompensation Showroom
  • Malibu
  • Long Beach
  • K-Town
  • Chinatown
  • San Gabriel Valley
  • Levi's Laboratory (Mentioned only)
  • Punk Club (Flashback only)
  • Ishiguro's Home (Flashback only)



  • Yakuza Private Jet
  • Helicopter

Synopsis for "Verse V: Memories"

Jason Blood held a photo of the woman he loved when he made the call. Glenda answered, surprised and a little short when she heard Jason's voice. He explained to her that he may finally have a way to live a normal life and that, if he succeeded, he wanted to grow old with her. After years of fighting for Jason to let her in to his life, she told him she had moved on. Maybe, after whatever his plan was worked, she might consider. But until then, she wished him to be careful. Blood drowned his sorrows, surrounded by images of the one he pushed away.

Blood lies bound on the floor of Ishiguro's office as Etrigan ritualistically disembowels the corpse of Yutaka's girlfriend, preparing a dark conjuration. Once ready, the Demon instructs Yutaka to give the order, signalling his yakuza across L.A. to hit various rival criminal organisations simultaneously.

Years earlier, in a punk club in Tokyo, Spirit kept his young girlfriend Ame awake by feeding her more speed. She asked why he never took any himself.

Spirit's arrival is met by a representative of the Wo Hop To Triads, who is not impressed by the male assassin wearing a schoolgirl uniform. The Triad explains that multiple Asian gangs have been struck by Clan Ishiguro, and if not handled, Tokyo and Hong Kong will be at war.

So caught up in the progress of schemes, Etrigan has abandoned rhyming, mocking Blood by describing how satisfying his new host his. But again the Demon lets his guard down and underestimates the will of Ame. He looks to his sacrifice and sees the chant to revert him to mortal form carved into her forehead. It is enough to allow Ame to take control. Blood is astounded. She unties him and he explains there is laboratory where it may be possible to extract Etrigan. Before they can leave the building, a helicopter levels with their floor, and Spirit dives through the window in the wake of manic gunfire. Osamu, who has been biding his time in the reception area, returns fire, sending Spirit flying backwards. Almost falling out of the skyscraper, Spirit gets to his feet, revealing his Kevlar vest. He chases after his target who have beaten him to the elevator. Spirit pries open the doors and lobs a grenade into the shaft, causing the lift to crash down to the ground floor. Spirit Unloads the rest of his grenades into the shaft. While Jason and Ame narrowly escape the blast, Osamu his not so lucky. Spirit returns to the office were Yutaka slumps against the wall. Spirit thinks he may have taken out the buildings foundations with the explosion but before returning to the helicopter, he stabs Yutaka through the chest.

Outside, the streets of Downtown L.A. are ablaze while the people riot violently. Blood now realises Etrigan's spell, he summoned the essence of the first level of Hell, imbuing the citizens with unbridled hatred. The two make a break for a showroom down the street and Ame hot-wires a muscle car.

They speed out of the city, returning first to the site of the crash on the Malibu shoreline, where Ame finds the two halves of her precious teddy.

Ame clung to the bear her mother's boyfriend Ishiguro gave her, while the men the next room discussed Shoko's involvement with the prostitute that was Ame's mother. Spirit entered the room to give Ame his condolences and brought her a gift. Because her mother called her "Hummingbird Heart," Spirit killed two dozen hummingbirds and collected their skulls. He then hugged her so tight she couldn't breathe.

Blood looks out to the sun setting over the ocean. Ame asks if he is thinking about "her." It's a tense subject for Jason, Ame had learned about his past via the Demon's thoughts. He in turn asks about her psychopathic ex. She evades the question and suggests it's time to finish this.


  • This book was first published on January 14, 2004.
  • In this issue Spirit's family name is spelled "Tanaguchi." As the first appearance of his name is spelled "Taniguchi", and because it is a real Japanese name, this change is considered to be an editorial error.


  • The punk band playing in the Tokyo club is called Shojo Blade.
  • The window to the Overcompensation showroom reads,
No finance
No credit check
Free hat!
(* Punch & pie)

The last line being a reference to a gag used in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.

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