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Demon Annual Vol 3 2


Demon Annual Vol 3 2

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"Hitman": Jason Blood contacts Etrigan to inquire about the source of vampiric parasites that are responsible for recent killings. Etrigan prophesies the coming of Hitman and assures Jason that Hell is not responsible. Meanwhile, in Gotham City, Tommy Monagh

Quote1 'Tis Glonth they call you? You great stupid mutt! I much prefer Fatso... the Trampoline Gut! Quote2
-- Etrigan

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Synopsis for "Hitman"

Jason Blood contacts Etrigan to inquire about the source of vampiric parasites that are responsible for recent killings. Etrigan prophesies the coming of Hitman and assures Jason that Hell is not responsible. Meanwhile, in Gotham City, Tommy Monaghan is aiming a sniper rifle at Robert Dubelz, the patriarch of the Dubelz Crime Family across the street when Glonth bursts through the target's doorway and drain's the man's spinal cord fluid, killing him. Glonth tracks Tommy's laser sight back to Tommy and attacks him.

At the nest of the Bloodlines Parasites, Lissik is about to feed an infant parasite the remains of Slodd, when Pritor stops him and asks about Glonth's whereabouts. Glonth is on a Gotham City rooftop, feeding on Tommy Monaghan. Below, the members of the Dubelz family are investigating the death of their patriarch. They receive word that Tommy Monaghan was attacked in a similar manner but is still alive. Tommy is recovering in a hospital bed, and discovers that he has acquired x-ray vision and telepathy. Glonth has by now gone in search of more victims, and he runs into Jason Blood. Jason transforms into Etrigan and battles Glonth through the streets of Gotham, eventually managing to send him crashing into the Gotham sewers. While this is happening, Tommy has escaped from the hospital and arms himself in the apartment of his friend Pat Noonan.

At Robert Dubelz' wake, Moe and Joe Dubelz learn that it was a Bloodline Parasite that killed their father, and that Tommy Monaghan was hired by a rival crime family to murder Robert Dubelz. Etrigan persuades Jason Blood to attend Robert Dubelz' wake, prophesying that Hitman will go on a killing spree. Tommy, in Noonan's bar is able to read another customer's mind and discover that the man had been hired to kill him. Tommy kills the man and his associate and heads for the Dubelz mansion. Tommy scouts the area outside the mansion and discovers that Jason Blood is there as well. Glonth is also outside the wake, and despite a warning from Gemir, he decides to slake his hunger on Moe and Joe Dubelz' double spine. As Glonth begins his attack, so does Hitman. Both kill several members of the Dubelz family and their staff and guests. Jason Blood transforms into Etrigan to battle Glonth alongside Hitman. The fight becomes four-sided, involving Glonth, Etrigan, Hitman, and the Dubelz family. Chumpp and Joe Dubelz are killed by Hitman. A cooperative assault involving hellfire and explosives on Glonth's stomach is enough to drive the parasite off. Etrigan transforms into Jason Blood, and Jason and Hitman part ways.


  • Each of the Bloodlines annuals for 1993 introduce a new super-hero character. This issue introduces the character "Hitman".


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