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Demon Knights Vol 1 8


Demon Knights Vol 1 8

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"The Ballad of Nimue & The Demon": While being escorted to the royalty of Alba Sarum, Vandal Savage persists that his betrayal of the group during the siege of Little Spring was a means of weakening the Questing Queen's offens

Quote1 Whenever someone tells you a 'true story' you should ask yourself who's fooling who? Quote2
-- Etrigan

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Synopsis for "The Ballad of Nimue & The Demon"

While being escorted to the royalty of Alba Sarum, Vandal Savage persists that his betrayal of the group during the siege of Little Spring was a means of weakening the Questing Queen's offense. While Jason Blood rests, exhausted from his recent prolonged time in Hell, the group asks Madame Xanadu the nature of her relationships with Jason and Etrigan.

The story begins in Camelot. While under the tutelage of Merlin, Xanadu, then named Nimue, was headstrong and ambitious. Jason Blood, Merlin's scribe, was immediately smitten with her. In the present, Shining Knight insists her presence in Camelot and no knowledge of Jason or Xanadu being there. They then determine that there must have been several Camelots over time.

When Jason and Nimue's Camelot fell, Nimue, being feyborn, was responsible for transporting King Arthur to Avalon. Shortly thereafter Merlin bonded Etrigan with Jason Blood. After that time, magic was looked down upon. Madame Xanadu attempted to make a living telling fortunes in Great Britain but was soon labeled a witch and burned at the stake. As fate would have it Jason Blood was walking through the crowd and recognized Xanadu. Turning into Etrigan, he saved Xanadu from the flames.

Soon after Etrigan attacked Xanadu for bringing pleasure to Jason Blood's life. Xanadu managed to ward the demon off by impressing him with her knowledge of magic. Eventually Etrigan proposed to mate with Xanadu who refused the demon's offer. Etrigan made it difficult for Jason and Xanadu to move around, but one day they came across a priest in danger in their travels. Saving him, the priest agreed to marry to couple, but Etrigan killed the priest and burned the church to the ground when he learned of the arrangement.

After this, Xanadu tells Jason that in order to not risk the lives of innocents, Xanadu will agree to be Etrigan's lover as long as Etrigan also allow her to love Jason. In the present Jason wakes up refreshed and transforms back into Etrigan. The group asks Etrigan how he and Xanadu get together and he explains that she was always more than willing. Implying even that Etrigan and Xanadu were married.

Meanwhile in Alba Sarum, Merlin, apparently alive, is assassinated by a daemonite.


  • This book was first published on April 11, 2012.
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