Demons are generally malevolent entities that inhabit the dimension of Hell. They consist of fallen angels and Hellions, by birth or creation, such as a mortal soul so evil it is accepted as a fiend after its requisite torment. Other dark entities that are not from the Inferno may also be called demons, such as djinn, malicious deities, or supernatural creatures like Trigon.

Fallen Angels

Servants of the Presence who rebelled against Him and were cast into the Inferno:


True demons born in Hell:


Rhyming Caste: High raking demons by promotion. They have earned the privilege to speak in rhyme as a status symbol.

  • Cthuga
  • Etrigan (Periodically)
  • Lisquinelle
  • Neron (briefly)
  • Spattlefleck

Demon Lords: There are thousands of demon lords holding land across Hell. Much like angles and saints have specific roles, certain demon lords preside over various areas. There is even a demon for every town and city around the world who grow more powerful with the populations sin, such as the Gothodaemon.

Lower Class: Slaves, soldiers, civilians and creatures.

Other Demons

Half Demons: Children of a Hellion and a mortal:

Reborn Demons: Humans and other mortals that have become demons.

Others: Some malevolent beings have the attributes of demons without coming from Hell but are or could be still considered demons.

Powers and Abilities


  • Immortality: Demons are not mortal beings and do not age or die naturally. They can be destroyed, sending them to oblivion where they cease to exist. Lower class demons are easier to destroy than the powerful demon ruling class.
  • Possession: Many demons are able to possess mortal forms and control the hosts to various degrees.


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Average Strength level



Almost all demons share the same vulnerabilities with few exceptions. Of course the higher a demon's class, the more powerful they are, generally speaking.

  • Idols, seals and talismans.
  • Crucifixes.
  • Holy Water.
  • Summoning: Demons can be conjured by those with occult knowledge, and controlled if the summoner is powerful enough.
  • Magic: Spellcasters can subdue, banish or destroy demons if their power is greater than the demon.
  • Lesser demons aren't even immune to hellfire, but elite demons like Belial are hard to destroy; even with his heart ripped out he lived, but it dramatically reduced his power. The demon lord Morax was killed by decapitation, whether or not it was the just beheading or the fact it was a divine weapon that cleaved is unknown.


Type of Government:

  • Autocratic Kingdom
  • Satanic Triumvirate


  • This character is an adaptation of Demon, a character in traditional stories. These include, but may not be limited to religious texts, myth, and/or folk lore. More information on the original can be found at

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