Denise Howard is the wife of the current Regent of Markovia, Brion Markov.

Denise attended Gotham Community College, where she met Brion. She hoped to obtain an important scholarship to continue her studies but when an abusive professor tried to take advantage of her in order to grant her the scholarship, she rejected him and any chance she had to obtain the financial aid vanished. For this reason, Denise took a number of sleeping pills, hoping to commit suicide.[1]


  • Unique Physiology: Denise exposed herself to the same energies that gave Brion and Tara their geokinetic powers. The experiment resulted in Denise gaining a sort of rocky gem-like appearance.



  • Mental Illness: The botched experiment that gave Denise her powers also unfortunately messed with her mind, making her crazed and leaving her with the desire to kill Brion.
  • Denise Howard's father was a police officer.[2]