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Derek Fury is the son of maxi-couple Alex and Suzy Fury. Like his parents, he inherited their Maxi-powers and as well including other powers that his parents doesn't possess, including the power to bringing the dead back to life; however, his latter powers was proved something horrifying to be use in which it was strictly forbidden from be use by his father. At a very young age, Derek was mentally disturbed and showing signs of a sociopath, which in one incident had his pet horse shoved into a bucket due from being upset. His parents, who still loved him, kept him from associating with the public and even from attending school from endangering anyone. But one day, he was visited by Tommy and Seresa Lindo who came to swim at the Fury's private lake. Derek and Tommy became lovers at first sight, and the two kept their relationship a secret. Although, Derek's relations with Tommy was kept on watch by a concerned Alex Fury. Upon three days after Tommy's graduation from high school, Tommy was pregnant with Derek's child which was conceived during their sexual escapade. When Tommy told Derek about this, he became terrified of the thought of having another Maxi like him and believed that he was being made to be "nothing". He thrust his anger on Tommy, believing that she "betray" him, and attempt to slowly drown her in his family's lake. Only his parents fortunately intervened, saving Tommy in the process while Derek struggled with his father. Derek was restrained and turned over to be imprisoned by the government, in which his disappearance from Tranquility forced his parents to lied to the public (including Tommy) that their son died fighting with his father.

Derek was apprehended by I.O. and taken to a facility in New Mexico, where he was constantly sedated and experimented. During his captivity, Derek had the chance to escape but didn't as a part of him wanted to stay there. Years later, at the time of his father's arrest for his attempted murder on news reporter Collette Pearson, Derek awoke when an orderly mentioned Alex Fury's arrest and escaped after killing everyone at the facility. The knowledge of Alex's crime led Derek to the belief that his family is tainted and that his baby - believed to had died from Derek's action - would carry the same traits as him and his father, and believe that killing his sire would be a good deed to the world. Derek then set his vengeance on the residents of Tranquility and importantly on Tommy Lindo. He tracked down Collette Pearson in her home and threatened her to recant her testimony during his father's trial in order for Alex to have one last of breath of freedom before being killed by his son.

Once Alex was freed and being escorted to Tranquility by Sheriff Tommy Lindo and Deputy Duray, Derek attacked their squad car and freed his father. Initially, Alex didn't recognized his son who then knocked out Alex and took him to an isolated area where he revealed his identity to his stunned father. Derek kept Alex briefly hostage before leaving for Minxy Minerva's residence where he intended on murdering Minxy and framing his father for her death. He was stopped, however, by Seresa Lindo - Minxy's new "sidekick". But, Derek near-fatally stabbed a fork into Seresa's neck and chased Minxy. He was then underestimated by his victim when Minxy had one of her aircraft crashed into him and severely wounding Derek. Tommy Lindo and the Coyote Kid arrived at the scene. Derek brutally subdued his lover and defeating the Coyote Kid by literally tearing off his limbs.[1] He then took off to recover from his wounds and noticing a rock concert being performed at the center of the town. He walk his way to the concert, encountering and beating down his father on the way, and challenged the gathered residents; however, Tommy had planned for this to happen and arranged Salabal in contacting the Indian fire god Agni in turning the towns folk in temporarily possessing the same powers as Maximum Man. The empowered residents overwhelmed and restrained Derek. Following this, Alex prepared to kill Derek with Doc Tomorrow's chronological automatic which would "unmake" his son from existence. Derek mocked his father, telling him and everyone present that his actions for killing his unborn baby made him a hero from having another insane Maxi like him be brought into this world while madly justifying that he is unlike his father. At this moment, Alex then refused to kill Derek but only for Suzy Fury to carry it out, killing her son and telling him he is not a hero.