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Quote1 Imagine fire ants underneath your skin, stinging without stop. Imagine molten plastic injected in your eyes, or battery acid flushing through your bloodstream -- that's what it's like to be the Corrosive Man. Quote2
-- Derek Mitchell src

A convicted murderer, Derek Mitchell, escaped from jail looking for vengeance on Mortimer Kadaver, but an accident on the way turned him into a freak. His entire skin burnt with chemical fire which could eat through walls and floors or maim human flesh. His encounter with Kadaver left the latter with a handprint burned onto his forehead and left Mitchell inert, although he resurfaced later on.


Eventually, Derek escaped from his special containment cell at S.T.A.R. Labs and sought revenge against Kadaver. Batman (Jean-Paul Valley) and Joe Public learned of Mitchell's escape and they stopped him as he was about to destroy the entire hospital where Kadaver was being treated. The Corrosive Man was then taken back into custody of S.T.A.R. Labs.[1]





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