Desaad is a minion of Darkseid. He owns a series of nightclubs and throws fetish parties, such as the Club Desaad party hosted at Maxwell's.

Desaad first appeared, bringing Gordon Godfrey to Granny Goodness and explaining to her that Godfrey had been chosen to be the third minion of Darkseid and that their unholy trinity was now complete with him and they were ready to prepare for the arrival of their dark lord and the coming war.

Later Desaad had been using his mysterious abilities to kill several people who were resistant to the corruption of the Darkness, as he targeted "Mr. Jones". While posing as a coroner in order to dispose of his victims' bodies, he was found by Clark Kent who was investigating a murder. Desaad found Chloe Sullivan lurking outside his building and used his telekinesis to knock her out. He then used his mental abilities in an attempt to corrupt Chloe with the Darkness, but she was able to esist long enough for Clark to rescue her. Desaad then confronted Clark himself, commenting that he could tell that Clark had grown stronger since his prior encounters with Darkseid's other two followers. After lamenting the fact that Clark now appeared to be too strong to be corrupted by the Darkness, Desaad used his power to temporarily subdue Clark while he attempted to escape. However, Oliver Queen appeared and was beating him until Clark called him off. Clark had him committed to Belle Reve, however Desaad won by gaining Oliver as a new bearer of the Omega symbol.

Some time after being sent to Belle Reeve he had escaped from there. He and the other prophets of Darkseid watched as Apokolips came to Earth. He, Granny and Godfrey met with Oliver Queen and gave him a Gold Kryptonite ring so he could give it to Clark and remove his powers. As Apokolips eclipsed the Earth, Desaad, Godfrey and Granny anxiously awaited the rapture. Suddenly, Oliver, now rid of his Omega symbol appeared. Desaad was not pleased that Oliver had reverted to the side of light and taunted him, saying that he could never stop Darkseid. Before the three could stop him, Olive fired arrows at the all prophets, destroying them.

  • Desaad was played by Steve Byers.
  • It was the first live-action appearances of DeSaad.



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