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""The First of the Assassins!"": The Bat-Signal is activated and Batman answers its summons. Commissioner Gordon informs Batman about a number of murders that have taken place in Europe and that according to information by the [[Interp

Appearing in "The First of the Assassins!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • K.C. Agonistes (Single appearance)
  • Bettina Smythe (Single appearance)
  • Haimes (Single appearance)




  • Agonistes' Yacht

Synopsis for "The First of the Assassins!"

The Bat-Signal is activated and Batman answers its summons. Commissioner Gordon informs Batman about a number of murders that have taken place in Europe and that according to information by the Interpol, the next target is a shipping magnate, whose boat is currently at the Gotham Harbor. Since the man has refused police protection, Gordon is tied and can't do anything officially and hopes that Batman can act unofficially on his behalf.

That night, Batman sets out to the Gotham Harbor and he infiltrates the ship, but is immediately detected by the extra security measures incorporated in the ship. The magnate, his fiancee, and his employees greet Batman with pleasure and they welcome him to be part of their journey. After taking a closer look at other security measures in the ship, Batman starts patrolling the deck at night. When one of the sailors comes to him, Batman notices a disturbance in the waters and he tells the man to evacuate the ship on the small boats. Batman tries to stop the incoming danger, disguised as innocent dolphins, but he is unable to prevent the destruction of the ship by one of the animals carrying an explosive.

Batman reaches the small boat where the sailor, the magnate and his fiancee have managed to use in order to save their lives, but the rest of the crew is dead. They sail to a nearby island, which seems abandoned at first sight, but Batman notices that there is definitely someone in that place. After saving the three people from lethal traps, Batman goes into the island to find the killer. Shortly after, Batman realizes that he has been lured away from his companions and he rushes back, but falls for a trap in the midst of the jungle. From the shadows comes a nimble man, the same responsible for trying to kill the magnate. The man tells Batman that he has a mission to accomplish and that after he's finished, he would come back to kill him as well.

Batman breaks free from the trap and he heads to the camping site where the magnate and the others are waiting for his return. He arrives in time to prevent the assassin from killing them and they start fighting each other. The assassin reveals that he is part of a larger faction known as the League of Assassins, which cannot be bribed or stopped. The killer gets the upper hand in the fight and he gets ready to eliminate Batman, when he is suddenly blinded by some flares that explode on Batman's cape, which was burning in the fire. Batman takes the chance to defeat the assassin, but he knows that he is just a pawn in a larger scheme, orchestrated by a master criminal mind.

Appearing in "The Living Statue"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Veda (Final appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Billy Warlock (In a photograph only)
  • Infra-Red (Final appearance)


Synopsis for "The Living Statue"

Batgirl has been investigating the murder of X-rated film director Billy Warlock, whom her friend Jason Bard has been framed for. Her searches brough her to Warlock's studio where she was captured by one of Warlock's actresses Veda who masterminded the whole scheme and is now preparing to trap Batgirl in plaster.

As she slowly covers Batgirl in the plaster, she destroys the evidence that would clear Bard's name while boasting to Batgirl that she got away with murder. To added rich irony she screams this at a giant lit up face of Warlock that was set in the studio. As the fire from the burning evidence spreads, Veda prepares to apply the last of the plaster that will cover Batgirl's head when another of Warlock's actresses: Infra-Red charges in the room to stop Veda.

While the two girls fight, Batgirl gets free and eventually has to save them from the flames. After when the fire department shows up, Veda boasts how they'll never be able to prove that she murdered Billy Warlock, but then Infra-Red informs her that in the giant portrait of Billy's face was a camera that filmed her whole confession. With it turned over as evidence, --as Barbara Gordon -- Batgirl gets to witness Bard being cleared of all charges and set free.

Appearing in "The Sleuth in the Iron Mask!"

Featured Characters:

  • Frank Bartlow


  • Edward "Gears" Mason (Single appearance)
  • "Mouse" Parker (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Sergeant Drake (Single appearance)


  • Iron Mask-Bomb


  • Bomb Squad Truck

Synopsis for "The Sleuth in the Iron Mask!"

This story is reprinted from Gang Busters #62.



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