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Detective Comics Vol 1 447


Detective Comics Vol 1 447

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"Enter: The Creeper": Batman has become an unwanted figure in the public eye and half of Gotham City want him to be locked away for his crimes; which are duly reported by the best newscaster in town Jack Ryder.

Quote1 If the Bat-Maniac is ever going to be apprehended... the Creeper has to go on the prowl again! Quote2
-- Jack Ryder

Appearing in "Enter: The Creeper"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Morris Middleman (Single appearance)
  • Shirley Middleman (Single appearance)
  • Gotham Police
    • Officer Sinkovec (Single appearance)
    • Officer Tiefenbacher (Single appearance)
  • Phantom Stranger (Cameo)



Synopsis for "Enter: The Creeper"

Batman has become an unwanted figure in the public eye and half of Gotham City want him to be locked away for his crimes; which are duly reported by the best newscaster in town Jack Ryder.

Batman continues his investigation and he goes to the cemetery where the corpses of Talia and Ra's al Ghul are buried. Batman starts digging Ra's gravesite until he finds the coffin, which is surprisingly empty upon opening. Unfortunately, a couple of police officers have spotted Batman and they confront the Dark Knight, with the intention of capturing him. Batman overcomes them and he forces them to see the empty coffin in order to clear his name. When Batman takes them to the coffin, the corpse of Ra's is there to Batman's astonishment and the Dark Knight is forced to retreat. At this point, the rumors about Batman's sanity, or lack of thereof, become noted by the entire city, including Jack Ryder.

Batman returns to the Wayne Foundation penthouse, defeated, but Alfred has learned something from investigating the gun that Ra's al Ghul used to kill himself. Alfred discovered that the pistol was custom made and that it contained a lion's hair. Batman decides to continue his investigation at the Gotham Zoo while elsewhere in the city, Jack Ryder decides to become the Creeper once again to capture the madman wanted by the law.

After doing some research of the Zoo's staff, Batman is unable to find any possible suspect and he is suddenly confronted by the Creeper. Batman tries to explain the situation to the Creeper, who doesn't listen and attacks the Caped Crusader. The fight starts in the middle of Zoo, and none of them is unaware of the silent man who is watching them as he opens the lions' cage, setting the animals free. Batman and Creeper put their differences aside to confront the animals and once they stun the beasts, they interrogate the man who set the animals free. As the man is about to confess who is he working for, an arrow hits him in the back and kills him. Creeper then finally realizes that Batman has been telling the truth all along and that someone has framed him for the murders. After this confrontation, Batman finally has an idea of how to clear his name and he asks Creeper to join him on the dangerous crusade.

Appearing in "The Puzzle of the Pyramids"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Fred Taylor (Single appearance)

Other Characters:


Synopsis for "The Puzzle of the Pyramids"

Robin corners a student thief during a pyramid-building competition at Hudson University, which was supervised by Dick Grayson and broadcasted by Clark Kent.



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