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Detective Comics Vol 1 497


Detective Comics Vol 1 497

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"Bad Night in Baja": Batman is contacted by a couple of Federal Agents and he travels to Baja California to recovers a satchel full of important documents stolen by a criminal mastermind called the Squid, who escaped from the authorities i

Quote1 You might say that, Alfred... I've been shot. I'm at someplace called Hotel Dolan, Can you pick me up? Quote2
-- Batman

Appearing in "Bad Night in Baja"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Squid (First appearance)

Other Characters:

  • FBI Agent Witt (Single appearance)
  • FBI Agent Sloan (Single appearance)
  • Waldo Pepper (Single appearance)
  • Ernie Edwards (Single appearance)
  • David (Single appearance)
  • Mr. Halston (Single appearance)
  • Marie Schneider (Single appearance)




Synopsis for "Bad Night in Baja"

Batman is contacted by a couple of Federal Agents and he travels to Baja California to recovers a satchel full of important documents stolen by a criminal mastermind called the Squid, who escaped from the authorities in Gotham City. When Batman finds the criminal's hideout, he uses a smoke pellet from his Utility Belt, but the Squid gets a clear shot at Batman, wouding him seriously and forcing Batman to escape the place with the documents.

The Squid and his henchmen go after Batman to recover the stolen documents and finish the job of killing the vigilante. Knowing that he is being trailed, Batman changes into Bruce Wayne and goes to a dilapidated hotel in the middle of the road and asks for a phone to contact Alfred to go help him.

When Squid and his thugs arrive at the hotel following the trail of blood, Bruce Wayne is assisted by a young woman and he gets enough strength to confront the thugs as Batman. Using tricks and diversion, Batman manages to stall until the local authorities show up in the place after the young woman had called them. The Squid attempts to escape, but Batman destroys his car and the criminals are taken to prison.

The next day, the people who witnessed Batman's confrontation with the Squid at the hotel have their lives changed forever and Alfred takes a satisfied Bruce Wayne back home.

Appearing in "Barbara Gordon... Murderess!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Doreen Gray (First appearance)
  • Detective Cameron

Other Characters:

  • James Stein
  • Richard Bender
  • Robert Barton


  • Gotham City
    • Humanities Research and Development Center
    • Barbara Gordon's Apartment



Synopsis for "Barbara Gordon... Murderess!"

Batgirl has been busy capturing regular crooks in Gotham City, but she becomes aware that there is a threat coming her way.

Meanwhile, on her identity as Barbara Gordon, she continues her work at the R&D Center and her relationship with Jim Dover. However, while at work, she is visited by Detective Cameron, who interrogates Barbara about her activities during a party while she was still Congresswoman. Barbara learns that a Congressman who had a disagreement with her, had been killed by poison and the police suspects her after they found her fingerprints on a bottle of sleeping pills, which caused the man's death.

Barbara then recalls that a bottle similar to that one had recently been placed in her office, but it has since disappeared. Going out as Batgirl to find the truth, she is unable to find evidence that would clear her and later that evening, she is arrested for murder on the first degree.


  • This book was first published on September 25, 1980.
  • This issue is dedicated to Will Eisner.


  • As part of the tributes to Will Eisner and his character, The Spirit, the story makes several references: Gangsters at "Hotel Dolan", the main villain is named The Squid and Batman is spelled out by the rain puddles on the sidewalk, er, see "splash page."

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