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Detective Comics Vol 1 538


Detective Comics Vol 1 538

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"Clothes Make the Cat(man)": Catman’s cellmate, Collins, breaks out of jail according to the plan created by Batman and Commissioner Gordon. Collins was made believe that Catman succeeded in stealing a prized o

Quote1 Well Mr. Wayne-- I came to drop off an invitation, but now that I've met your charming houseguest, I suppose I should've brought along two. But then, I could hardly be expected to know about dear Julia, could I? Quote2
-- Vicki Vale

Appearing in "Clothes Make the Cat(man)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Shiv Collins (as Catman) (Final appearance)

Other Characters:



Synopsis for "Clothes Make the Cat(man)"

Catman’s cellmate, Collins, breaks out of jail according to the plan created by Batman and Commissioner Gordon. Collins was made believe that Catman succeeded in stealing a prized object from the Gotham Museum and defeated Batman thanks to his magic suit and in order to prevent Catman from taking the loot he has gathered over the years, Collins set out to stop his former cellmate.

When Collins arrives to Gotham, he steals Catman’s costume to give him more “lives” to risk and he starts testing the costume at every possible chance. Batman has to save the fool several times from killing himself and the crook starts believing that the costume is indeed magical. Without any concern in the world, Collins goes to find his hidden loot in some caverns outside of Gotham and Batman follows closely.

Collins eventually makes it to the place where he hid his stolen loot, but he creates a cave-in, forcing Batman to save him once more. As the cave is totally changed, Collins goes to the nearest light source and much to his surprise, he finds himself inside the Batcave. Collins starts destroying the place, but Batman recovers shortly after and confronts the madman in the Batcave. Collins uses the Giant Penny against Batman, but the Dark knight in turn uses the T-Rex to stop the attack. When Collins is finally cornered, Batman beats him to a pulp and with the loot already retrieved, he and Robin deliver the criminal to the authotities.

When Bruce and Jason return home, they find a small trouble at Wayne Manor, where Vicki Vale has learned that Julia has been living there for quite a while and she doesn't like the news a little bit.

Appearing in "Three Years Ago Today"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • James


  • Jacaruso (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Dave (Single appearance)



  • Trick Arrows
    • Acid Arrow
    • Gas Arrow
    • Siren Arrow
    • Grenade Arrow


  • Limousine

Synopsis for "Three Years Ago Today"

Green Arrow is able to capture Jacaruso, a gun-runner, but is unable to prevent John Lennon from being killed just before they were to do an interview.


  • "Clothes Make The Cat(man)" takes place after the events of Batman #371.


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