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"Boxing": Batman and Tommy Dunfey start searching for the murderer of the boxing champion Michael Greene and so their quest leads them to Doctor Fang's henchman, Woad.

Appearing in "Boxing"

Featured Characters:

  • Batman
  • Tommy Dunfey (Final appearance)

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Rudy Quinn (Final appearance)
  • Sam Eskin (Single appearance)



Synopsis for "Boxing"

Batman and Tommy Dunfey start searching for the murderer of the boxing champion Michael Greene and so their quest leads them to Doctor Fang's henchman, Woad.

Meanwhile, Jason Todd is frustrated for having to stay in Wayne Manor to allay any suspicions by their new houseguest, Julia. Unfortunately, his attitude towards her becomes evident and Julia decides to leave Wayne Manor and she plans to find a job working for Vicki Vale.

Later, Batman and Dunfey finally locate Woad and his master, Doctor Fang, who takes responsibility for the murder of Greene. Fang challenges Dunfey to a boxing match and the latter agrees, entering the ring and starting to fight while Batman and Fang's thugs keep a close eye from the ringside. When Dunfey is close to defeat Fang, one of the thugs shoots at him and Batman takes them all down. With his right arm injured, Dunfey uses all his strength on his left hand and knocks Fang unconscious.

After taking Dunfey to a medical center, Batman takes Fang to the GCPD Headquarters, where Commissioner Gordon shows Harvey Bullock the true value of Batman's actions, but the Caped Crusader starts explaining that he had little to do with Fang's capture.

The next morning, Dunfey retrieves the title of Michal Greene from the manager of the boxing association and he gives it back to the family of the late champion, telling them that one day he might get his own title, but knowing that his arm injury, received while trying to avenge his honorable opponent, will prevent him from boxing ever again.

Appearing in "The Devil You Don't Know"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Morris Burdick (First appearance)




  • None

Synopsis for "The Devil You Don't Know"

Australian tabloid publisher Morris Burdick is considering buying the Daily Star. Shortly afterward, a costumed villain called the Printer’s Devil appears with a flame-throwing weapon and threatens the Star building. Green Arrow battles the Printer’s Devil, but is trapped by his own net-arrow as a stray flame from the Devil’s weapon nears gas station pumps across the street from the newspaper offices.


  • "Boxing" takes place after the events of Batman #372.


  • On the letter page "Detective Comments", people started writing in response to the question asked by editor Len Wein about the color of Batman's Batsuit, started in the letter page of Detective Comics #535. The vast majority of people agreed that Batman should wear a black Batsuit instead of the current blue. However, Joey Cavalieri's responses to the letters indicate that such a change could not be possible since Wein would've had to deal with the licensing and public relations department, taking the whole affair out of their hands. This is why the mainstream version of Batman in the comics remained unchanged until a decade later in 1994, when the Batsuit was finally changed to black. However, various versions of the character outside of the main continuity were changed to feature a darker Batsuit prior to the definitive change; namely Batman Annual #8, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and Batman: The Cult among others.

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