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Detective Comics Vol 1 545


Detective Comics Vol 1 545

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"By Darkness Masked": The Night-Slayer was wounded when her former partner, Nocturna shot him in the back and he managed to avoid being captured by Batman, the new love of Nocturna. Crawling away in the shado

Appearing in "By Darkness Masked"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:


Synopsis for "By Darkness Masked"

The Night-Slayer was wounded when her former partner, Nocturna shot him in the back and he managed to avoid being captured by Batman, the new love of Nocturna. Crawling away in the shadows, the Night-Slayer eventually found a dead end and was forced to descend to the sewers, where he was dragged by the waters to the nearest body of water, where it is discharged. Shortly after, Anton Knight was found by a blind woman, who took him to her shelter, assuming he was Batman.

After his wounds were taken care of, Knight recovers and learns of his fate and the woman's confusion, which he uses to his advantage by pretending he is Batman, although he also says this to feel closer to her former love, Nocturna. The blind lady is infatuated with him and she forces her lips on his, but Knight knows better than to reject her at the time being.

Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne asks Lucius Fox to have the computer retrieved from Mad Hatter examined, after he had erased the information about his secret identity. At night, Batman investigates the last place where the Night-Slayer's blood was spotted and finally finds the manhole which the criminal used to escape. Like this, Batman goes to the sewers and resumes the hunt for the killer of the night.

Appearing in "Fair Raid"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Sharon Greenglass


Other Characters:




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Synopsis for "Fair Raid"

Oliver Queen explains away his uniform to Bad Penny as a costume he is wearing for a play, and is admitted to the auto-automat. Shortly thereafter, he changes into his Green Arrow guise, defeats Penny and Pinball Wizard, and frees the hostages. At the same time, on another street in Star City, a costumed vigilante called Vengeance shoots down a man, and then mutters that he has others to bring to justice tonight, at their class reunion.



  • Bad Penny refers to Green Arrow as "Hawkeye", whick irks him for reasons he himself doesn't understand. But it's probably because Hawkeye is a Marvel character that has some strong similarities with our Ollie.

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