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"Cast of Characters, Sequence of Events": After the Night-Slayer switched costumes with Batman, he became the Dark Knight and Bruce's own faulty memory after the fight made him believe that he was the Night-Slayer. Bruce jumped away into t

Appearing in "Cast of Characters, Sequence of Events"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Blevins

Other Characters:



Synopsis for "Cast of Characters, Sequence of Events"

After the Night-Slayer switched costumes with Batman, he became the Dark Knight and Bruce's own faulty memory after the fight made him believe that he was the Night-Slayer. Bruce jumped away into the night and Jason and Nocturna are unable to stop him. Instead, they have to focus on taking the corpse of Doctor Fang out of the building, where the police can find him. After dumping the body in the park, Robin and Nocturna return home where they start planning their actions to help Batman and stop the Night-Slayer.

For three nights, Anton Knight has impersonated the Batman on a crime-spree, gaining attention of the media. While some people like Vicki Vale truly believe the Batman is responsible for the crimes, others like James Gordon and Harvey Bullock, who is still recovering at the hospital, believe that this is all part of the Mayor's conspiracy. However, Hamilton Hill has nothing to do with these events and realizes there is something strange to the Batman crimes as he suspects foul play against him, reason why he appoints his thugs to investigate the case.

Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne is still wearing the Night-Slayer's outfit, but for three days, he has been meditating in silence, struggling to recover his memory and his own sense of identity. As this happens, Alfred has become worried for Bruce after three days of absence and the only person who could comfort him is his daughter, Julia. In a similar scenario, another lonely person learns the truth when Tina, the blind girl and her dog find the hidden loot of the "Batman" and she realizes of her grievous mistake.

On the fourth night, the fake Batman attempts to commit another crime, but he is stopped by Robin and Nocturna, who despite their best efforts are no match for the well trained Anton Knight. The criminal manages to escape, much to Robin's frustration and Nocturna's sorrow, caused by the harsh words from her adopted son. The fake Batman then meets accidentally with the tailor who provided Mayor Hill with the fake evidence about Batman's attacks. When the man tries to approach "Batman", he is pushed aside and starts believing that Hill might be right about Batman. However, before he makes up his mind, the "Night-Slayer" appears and gives him a helping hand. Knowing that right and wrong are no longer the same, the old man trusts is his unlikely saviour.

Appearing in "Most Likely to Die!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • James
  • Mary Ho (First appearance)


Other Characters:

  • Onyx
  • Billie Jean (First appearance)




  • None

Synopsis for "Most Likely to Die!"

Green Arrow learns from James that Tim Selby, one of Oliver Queen’s old classmates, is now an enforcer for the Vietnamese Mafia, but is keeping kickbacks he takes from the merchants in the Vietnamese section of Star City. The archer baits a trap for him by setting up a phony gift shop ostensibly run by a friend, Mary Ho. But, shortly after Selby arrives and begins his shakedown attempt, Vengeance appears, shoots at Selby, and hits Mary.


  • "Cast of Characters, Sequence of Events" takes place after the events of Batman #380 and the story continues in Batman #381.


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