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Appearing in "Blind Justice, Part Two: Citizen Wayne"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Mitchell Riordan

Other Characters:

  • Chu Chin Li (Flashback only)
  • Henri Ducard (Flashback only)
  • Dr Kenneth Harbinger (Behind the scenes)
  • T-Bone
  • Theodore Lund (Dies)
  • Tsunemtomo (Flashback only)


  • Halliday Plaza
  • Theodore Lund's Apartment


  • Dr Harbinger's Mind Transfer Equipment
  • Dr Harbinger's Project Log


Synopsis for "Blind Justice, Part Two: Citizen Wayne"

Bruce Wayne is being questioned by his lawyers. Some of the evidence against him covers his past. The first evidence triggers a flashback of Bruce's training with Chu Chin Li where he trained himself to resist pain as well as master martial arts.

Later in the Batcave, Bruce and Alfred are discussing how to prove Bruce's innocence. Alfred reminds Bruce that he has Dr Harbinger's project log but Bruce says that they need Theodore Lund to verify Harbinger's authorship.

At his apartment, Theodore Lund receives a letter from Dr Harbinger telling him to meet Harbinger at Halliday plaza. He then burns the letter. Lund goes to Halliday plaza where a hidden man asks him for change. Lund gives him the change and the hidden man thanks him and calls him "Theodore". Lund reacts to this and the hidden man lunges at him with a knife.

Alfred wakes Bruce up from a nightmare. Bruce goes to the kitchen where Jeannie and Roy try to give him some moral support.

Mitchell Riordan enters an underground lab where scientists are trying and failing to recreate the mind control prototype. However, they can't get it right without Harbinger's log.

Bruce Wayne is being questioned again. This time a flashback of his time under Tsunetomo's tutorage followed by a flashback of his time trailing Henri Ducard. He then finds out that Ducard has been offered complete immunity for his espionage record if he testifies against Bruce Wayne. On his way out, Bruce is confronted by Commissioner Gordon who offers to speak out on behalf of Bruce. Bruce, however, turns down Gordon's help. As Bruce leaves the building he is surrounded by a mob of pedestrians and reporters. Roy recognises a homeless man, T-Bone, who pulls out a sub-machine gun and shoots at Bruce and his lawyers. The lawyers are killed instantly and Bruce is immediately carted off to hospital to undergo intensive surgery.

Commissioner Gordon hears what happened on the news at the station. He then goes onto the police station rooftop and has an officer, Harvey, turn on the bat signal. After a while, he tells Harvey to turn off the signal saying "I don't think he's coming".


This issue was reprinted in the trade paperback Batman: Blind Justice


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Blind Justice
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