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"Rite of Passage Part Three: Make Me a Hero": Batman watches from the rooftops as Commissioner Gordon and the Gotham City Police Department battle a biker gang sent to collect the ransom for [[Timothy Drake (Ne

Quote1 I learned long since, Master Timothy, that all the worry in the world doesn't change a thing! So... I don't. Quote2
-- Alfred Pennyworth

Appearing in "Rite of Passage Part Three: Make Me a Hero"

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Synopsis for "Rite of Passage Part Three: Make Me a Hero"

Batman watches from the rooftops as Commissioner Gordon and the Gotham City Police Department battle a biker gang sent to collect the ransom for Tim Drake's kidnapped parents. Ultimately, as Batman predicts, they fail to stop the gang from escaping with the money. Batman follows the biker to a drop point, where a man in a white limousine poisons and kills the biker and takes the money. Batman traces the limo, hoping he's guessed its destination right.
In Haiti, the Obeah Man performs a voodoo ritual outside the cabin where Jack and Janet Drake are being held. The Drakes have little hope of surviving whatever their captors have planned, especially if the ransom doesn't get paid.
Back in Gotham City, Tim sits in his room at Wayne Manor, meditating. He attempts to overcome his fears and worries, remembering the lessons taught to him by Batman. He resolves to go back to work as a hero, hoping to capture the moneyspider hacker, who has been siphoning money from corporations, before they strike again. Alfred is relieved at Tim's perseverance, but worries about Batman.
At the home of Louis Dange, he happily tells his son Pierre that they are going to become rich because of his dealings with the Obeah Man and the Baka monster he hides in his cupboard. Pierre is still obsessed with the monster, and is skeptical about his father's beliefs. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne arrives in Haiti, having followed the man in the white limousine.
Tim manages to find the hacker's phone number, and travels to Gotham Juvenile Detention Hall, where he hopes to find the culprit. He reveals that the moneyspider hacker is actually Lonnie Machin, aka Anarky, who has commandeered the facility's phone line to commit his crimes. However, he reveals that he had redistributed the funds to third-world countries. Still, he escapes, and Tim gives chase using the skills he learned from Batman. He defeats Lonnie and returns him to the detention hall.
Tim returns to the Batcave, proud of himself for having solved the case by himself. Suddenly, Bruce appears with a grave injury, and warns that he has bad news.


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