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Detective Comics Vol 1 658


Detective Comics Vol 1 658

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"Deciphered": Lucius Fox is hypnotized by Cypher and is completely under his control. Batman and Robin with help of Azrael manage to decipher the hi

Quote1 You can't be everywhere. You can't do it all. Quote2
-- Robin

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Synopsis for "Deciphered"

Lucius Fox is hypnotized by Cypher and is completely under his control. Batman and Robin with help of Azrael manage to decipher the hidden message that was in the music played at Lucius' office. The message detailed the place and time for the execution. Batman arrives just a second late and Lucius throws himself to the river when he is saved by Jean-Paul Valley.

Lucius is knocked by the impact and the Cypher is taken into custody but unable to speak due to a kick in the throat by Robin.


  • This book was first published on March 9, 1993.
  • The entire issue is written in some kind of reverse chronology; meaning that the events where revealed from moments before the conclusion and with time specifications for each scene. The final panel, though is the actual final piece of the story.


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