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Detective Comics Vol 1 659


Detective Comics Vol 1 659

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"Puppets": While the inmates of Arkham Asylum run wild, after being freed by Bane, Ventriloquist strikes up a friendship with Amygdala in hopes of finding Scarface. The Ventriloquist has te

Quote1 You make me so angry! You make me want to hurt you! Crush your skull! Break your bones! Quote2
-- Amygdala

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Synopsis for "Puppets"

While the inmates of Arkham Asylum run wild, after being freed by Bane, Ventriloquist strikes up a friendship with Amygdala in hopes of finding Scarface. The Ventriloquist has temporarily satisfied his need for a puppet by putting a sock on his hand. However, after testing it out in public, he decides that a sock may not be the most intimidating choice.

Batman and Robin investigate the scene where Film Freak was murdered by Bane. When the police arrive, they head off in search of the next Arkham inmate they can capture. As they get into the Batmobile, Robin happens to notice a falcon flying overhead. They argue about the motivations of the inmates, and Robin warns, once again, that Batman's health is cause for concern. They are interrupted by a police dispatch announcement regarding a break-in at a toy store.

Ventriloquist struggles to find a replacement for Socko in the toy store, but finds little of use. Outside, Batman plans his attack, and tells Robin to remain outside once again. Batman enters, and when he discovers that the culprit is only the Ventriloquist, he is surprised and relieved. Unfortunately, Amygdala sneaks up behind him, and attacks.
Robin happens to notice the same falcon he saw earlier flying overhead, and decides to follow it. He happens upon Bird, who sends his falcon to attack. When Robin captures the bird in his cape, Bird becomes enraged and they fight. Bird seems to get the upper hand until he receives a call from Bane commanding him to return to base, and leave Robin alone. Robin is bitter, as Bird escapes.

After a long struggle, Batman barely manages to knock Amygdala out. Ventriloquist decides that finding Scarface is more important than killing Batman, and escapes. Batman returns to the Batmobile to find that Robin is gone and another police radio announcement that Mr. Zsasz is loose in a school.


  • This issue is Chapter Two of the "Knightfall" saga.


  • Amygdala is shown with a grey beard on the cover to this issue. He's actually clean-shaven.

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