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in: Jenette Kahn/Executive Editor, Kelley Jones/Cover Artist, Bob LeRose/Cover Artist Chuck Dixon/Writer, Graham Nolan/Penciler, Scott Hanna/Inker, Adrienne Roy/Colourist, John Costanza/Letterer, Scott Peterson/Editor, Darren Vincenzo/Editor, Jean-Paul Valley (New Earth)/Quotes, Jean-Paul Valley (New Earth)/Appearances, Timothy Drake (New Earth)/Appearances, Trigger Twins II/Appearances, Thaddeus Trigger (New Earth)/Appearances, Thomas Trigger (New Earth)/Appearances, Mrs. McIlvaine (New Earth)/Appearances, Joker (New Earth)/Appearances, Gotham City/Appearances, Drake Manor/Appearances, Batcave/Appearances, Los Angeles/Appearances, Batrope/Appearances, Giant Joker Card/Appearances, Giant Penny/Appearances, Batman's T-Rex/Appearances, Robin's Battle Staff/Appearances, Batmobile/Appearances, Redbird (Vehicle)/Appearances, Batsubway Rocket/Appearances, Comics, 1993, 1993, November, September 29, 1993 (Publication), 1993, September (Publication), Detective Comics Vol 1, Modern-Age, Synopsis Written, Knightfall Crossover, Knightquest Crossover

Detective Comics Vol 1 668


Detective Comics Vol 1 668

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"Runaway": The incredible technology of Harold's subway rocket saves Batman from instant death in a seemingly inevitable collision with a night train, in the depths of the Gotham City Subway System.

Quote1 The transformation is complete. The crusade begins. The mantle is mine now. And the cave and the city. I took it from Bane. It's mine and I've decided-- you're no use to me. Quote2
-- Batman (Jean-Paul Valley)

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Synopsis for "Runaway"

The incredible technology of Harold's subway rocket saves Batman from instant death in a seemingly inevitable collision with a night train, in the depths of the Gotham City Subway System.

The next morning, at Drake Manor, Tim Drake receives his driver's license in the mail, even though he's still not sixteen years old yet. Despite Mrs. McIlvaine's protests, Tim rushes over to Wayne Manor to get behind the wheel of a certain car.

After paying them for killing his rival Manny Deech, Dan Doyle persuades the 'Trigger Twins' to take on a massive train robbery. The Gotham City Subway System carries over one million people per day, with fares totalling nearly 3 million dollars which is collected and carried back to the station by four night trains. Doyle has ten years worth of planning done for the job, and he passes on his knowledge to the Twins.

Robin recalls that he got his role by sneaking into the Batcave, after now being forced to do so again due to Jean-Paul Valley's independence. Robin is disturbed by the fact that Jean-Paul has left much of the damage and mess in the cave following Bane's intrusion untouched. He is further disturbed to find that Jean-Paul has installed a shooting range in the cave, making lethal shots with his shuriken.

Somewhere in Los Angeles, a movie producer receives a call from the Joker, who pitches an idea for an autobiographical film about a criminal mastermind.

While Robin attempts to retrieve the Redbird, he trips a sonic alarm which notifies Jean-Paul of his presence. Their confrontation is unpleasant, and Jean-Paul makes it clear that this Batman has no need for a Robin. The confrontation soon escalates to a physical one, and Robin is at a serious disadvantage...



  • The display case of Jason Todd's costume is still in broken pieces.
  • Dan Doyle names the Trigger brothers as Trigger Twins after a comic book he read when he was a kid. This is a possible reference to the original Trigger Twins.
  • During the fight between Robin and Jean-Paul in the Batcave, several versions of the Batmobile can be spotted. These include the Batmobiles from the 40s, the 50s, the 60's Batman TV Show, the 70s and lastly the current Batmobile.

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