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Detective Comics Vol 1 676


Detective Comics Vol 1 676

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"Too Many Ninjas": Nightwing and Robin sneak into the Batcave in order to set up surveillance devices to monitor all of Jean-Paul's activities. While looking around, Nightwing questions Robin why B

Quote1 I'd do anything for Bruce. I thought he knew that. Quote2
-- Nightwing

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Synopsis for "Too Many Ninjas"

Nightwing and Robin sneak into the Batcave in order to set up surveillance devices to monitor all of Jean-Paul's activities. While looking around, Nightwing questions Robin why Bruce would choose Jean Paul to be Batman. Robin defends Bruce as not being in the right frame of mind when he made the decision and that Dick wouldn't want the job anyway. Nightwing admits he wouldn't, but if asked by Bruce he would, no questions. A sound in the main storage chambers reveals Harold, who takes them to his workshop hideout and shows them the Batsubway Rocket, explaining how Jean Paul could be gone but the Batmobile still inside the cave. The introduction of Harold, Ace the Dog, and various other changes brings a sadness to Nightwing as he feels the cave is no longer home.

Meanwhile, Batman stakes out an "unauthorized" arms transaction on the streets. He quickly subdues everybody and asks the money man about the whereabouts of LeHah. Before the man can answer, Jean-Paul suffers another hallucination of St. Dumas. Batman takes one of the buyers and asks who sold him the arms. The buyer doesn't know from whom he bought them from, but gives Batman the guy who fixed the deal. The fixer named Candy takes Batman to the dealer, but the dealer has been murdered by torture, as if being interrogated. Jean Paul is convinced it's LeHah. He returns to the Batcave only to be tortured again by hallucinations of St. Dumas as Nightwing and Robin watch his psychotic state of mind.

Bruce finds himself atop the Wayne Tower again reminiscing. He dons the Mask of Tengu and awaits the nights' test. He encounters a pre-endurance test is in the form of five ninjas who try to push him to his death. They fail but Bruce lands near his next test, the fifth master. They fight in the middle of rush hour traffic. The master's failure to preserve the innocent drivers is enough for Bruce's protection of the drivers to overcome the master. However he has no time to rest as the sixth master emerges from a car. Bruce is about to be conquered when the sixth's chain weapon hooks onto a passing truck, dragging her down the road and knocking her unconscious. Bruce knows he was lucky, and luck won't help him with Jean Paul.



Batcave Trophies 03

Batcave Trophies

  • This story shows various trophies in the Batcave, many of which appeared in old comics:
  • The headline "Gunhawk Captured" from several newspapers in this story are references to the story that takes place in Detective Comics #675.
  • There is a reference to Jack Kirby on a cereal box.

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