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Detective Comics Vol 1 683


Detective Comics Vol 1 683

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"Odds Against": Batman and Robin stopped a robbery but two of the thugs escaped. They reported what happened to their boss, The Penguin. Without a clue of the connection of all the recent robberies, Batman

Quote1 I'm Cobblepot, you cretin. Do you think my parents named me "The Penguin"? Quote2
-- The Penguin

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Synopsis for "Odds Against"

Batman and Robin stopped a robbery but two of the thugs escaped. They reported what happened to their boss, The Penguin. Without a clue of the connection of all the recent robberies, Batman and Robin start to suspect that a major criminal must be involved.

At the Iceberg Lounge, a certain man is on a winning spree at Blackjack. He is taken to The Penguin to confess how he manages to win all the time. The man explains that he used to be a risk analyst and he calculates the odds in the game to win every time. The Penguin instead of being angry at the man, hires him to make him work on succesful robbery plans. The Actuary, as the man ask to be called, assures Penguin that with his intellect, Batman will never again bother him or his plans.

Meanwhile, Harvey Bullock is in coma at the hospital. His partners Renee Montoya and Mackenzie Bock visit him but three days have passed and he haven't moved at all.

Batman and Robin follow their only lead to unravel who is behind the robberies. They went to see a man called Brigham Thomas, who was involved in some of the past robberies, but when they arrived to the man's place they were stunned by an explosion in Thomas' apartment. They were back to square one. Later the Penguin celebrates that for the first time he is one step ahead of Batman.

As they ran out of options, Batman sought help from Commissioner Gordon, who provided him with the info he required on the deceased thug. Batman found some familiar names in the file and he was back on the track of the robberies. At that time, Penguin set his plan on action and sent his thugs to rob the Gotham Stadium and stay where the people was until the game was over and walk out as normal civilians. Everything went as planned but when they were on their way to Penguin, Batman smashed their car and dragged one of the thugs through the car's window. The other one escaped but Batman had a plan in mind to make the one he caught to speak.

In the end The Actuary came up with a plan to prevent Batman spoling the robbery; attempt a daylight robbery.



  • When Renee Montoya visits Harvey Bullock at the hospital, she takes him a radio for him to listen music despite he can't listen or move at all. She turns the radio on and they listen to It's All in the Game by Tommy Edwards.

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