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Detective Comics Vol 1 685


Detective Comics Vol 1 685

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"War of the Dragons, Part One: The Iron Dragon": A gang war is starting to develop in Gotham's chinatown and Batman investigates the events with the help of Robin.

Quote1 Please...accept my apologies. But as I said, I am the master of Gotham's chinatown. And I will not be spoken to without respect. Not by Taipei gangsters or my own number one. Do we have an undestanding, Lynx? Quote2
-- King Snake

Appearing in "War of the Dragons, Part One: The Iron Dragon"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • General Tsu
  • Huang (Only appearance; dies)
  • Billy (Only appearance; dies)
  • Silver Monkey (First appearance)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "War of the Dragons, Part One: The Iron Dragon"

A gang war is starting to develop in Gotham's chinatown and Batman investigates the events with the help of Robin.

One of the major crime bosses in chinatown, King Snake receives a warning but he kills the messenger as a way to send his own message. His actions put him against his right hand Lynx who challenges King Snake for the gang leadership just to be beaten by Snake.

At the time, the GCPD is worried about a killer named Tommy Mangles that roams free the streets of Gotham. Bruce and Tim try to get some informants inside chinatown but the info they managed to get wasn't helpful. They tried to guess what would happen next but they had to cope with the day-to-day chores and a new neighbor named Devlin Davenport.

Meanwhile other Asiatic gangs prepare themselves for the upcoming war and the Shan Tribes hired a skilled assasin called The Silver Monkey that would give them an edge to ensure their victory.



  • Caz Sallucci's name is typed as "Salucci"; with just one L; and his appearance is different from the last one in Detective Comics #673 where he was a blonde and in this issue he appears to have dark-brown hair.

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