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Detective Comics Vol 1 686


Detective Comics Vol 1 686

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"War of the Dragons, Part Three: The Winged Dragon": After being attacked by the Silver Monkey; Batman reproaches Robin for letting Huntress meddle in the Asian gang war. Bat

Quote1 Gotham is my city. In every way that matters. Quote2
-- Batman

Appearing in "War of the Dragons, Part Three: The Winged Dragon"

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Synopsis for "War of the Dragons, Part Three: The Winged Dragon"

After being attacked by the Silver Monkey; Batman reproaches Robin for letting Huntress meddle in the Asian gang war. Batman tells Robin that they don't need the help of amateur vigilantes as they already have someone with experience working against the gangs. Batman was referring to Nightwing.

Batman and Robin tracked down King Snake to prevent him from beign killed by the Silver Monkey. When the duo arrived at the Gotham Docks they faced the Ghost Dragons. Batman tells Robin to go after King Snake and he stayed to handle the Ghost Dragons. Batman was soon outnumbered and his final opponent was Lynx. Robin found King Snake fighting the Silver Monkey. Robin tried to fight against the Monkey as well but his efforts were futile. In a desperate attempt Robin threw the Silver Monkey to the sea and ended up falling along with King Snake as well. Batman saved Robin before he fell to the water. King Snake was taken to prison; the Silver Monkey was at large and Lynx was now head of the gangs in chinatown. This was possible due to an agreement between Batman and Lynx. Batman let her run chinatown if she let him out of the docks alive.

The Asian gang war ended and Batman and Robin returned home tired but with the situation under control.


  • This is the last part of the "War of the Dragons" storyline.
  • The events of this issue are the continuation of the events from Robin #17.


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