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Detective Comics Vol 1 692


Detective Comics Vol 1 692

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"Lying Eyes": Batman and Robin were under Lady Spellbinder's mind controlled illusion. The duo was unable to stop her from taking the stolen gold. At the batcave Batman asked for [[Barbara Gordon (Ne

Quote1 I'll show you things you never dreamed of. Quote2
-- Lady Spellbinder

Appearing in "Lying Eyes"

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Other Characters:

  • Barnes (Single appearance)




Synopsis for "Lying Eyes"

Batman and Robin were under Lady Spellbinder's mind controlled illusion. The duo was unable to stop her from taking the stolen gold. At the batcave Batman asked for Oracle's help on this case. As Tim was walking out of Wayne Manor he found Madolyn Corbett sneaking outside the manor and when asked the reason of her being there she told Tim to shut up an went away.

Oracle provided Batman with some helpful answers on the matter and Batman knew how he would fight the powers of the new Spellbinder. The next night the police was informed of a woman making use of a hotel suite and was making the people to "see things". Batman showed up and tried again to stop Moffit. This time Batman was equiped with a camera attached to the cowl and a cybernetic exoesqueleton attached to his extremities. The camera send the visual to a visor that Robin was using at the batcave, to see the place without being affected by Spellbinder's illusions and the cybernetic exoesqueleton was controlled by Robin's movements. This way Batman makes sure the illusions won't help Spellbinder to get away. She decided to step outside the window to a narrow outcropping. Batman trusted Robin and they managed to bring Spellbinder to the police. Though she was blindfolded and handcuffed, Lady Spellbinder was still treathening and menacing.


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