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Detective Comics Vol 1 694


Detective Comics Vol 1 694

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"Violent Reactions": The batmobile falls to the river with Batman and Robin inside. When the car hits the water, some airbags near the wheels inflate and they float to the nearest shore. The [[Maxwell Veezey (New Earth)|Alle

Quote1 I can give you relief, honey. Permanent relief. Sweet relief. Quote2
-- Posion Ivy

Appearing in "Violent Reactions"

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Synopsis for "Violent Reactions"

The batmobile falls to the river with Batman and Robin inside. When the car hits the water, some airbags near the wheels inflate and they float to the nearest shore. The Allergent's feat cost him mos of his defoliant and he sets out to steal more chemichals to create more herbicide. Meanwhile in Arkham Asylum, Poison Ivy takes two doctors hostages and demanded a car and free way out.

The new police commissioner Andy Howe takes the job from Sarah Essen and she pays a visit to the elected mayor Marion Grange. Meanwhile, Batman and Robin searched info on Veezey and find out the man's allergies. When they started seeking for him he appeared out of nowhere and they followed him to the Gotham Park. Allergent arrived first but Ivy was waiting for him. She was about to give Veezey her lethal kiss when Batman and Robin arrived. Batman engaged in combat with Ivy and Robin tried to stop Allergent from detonating the gas bomb in the park. Robin drove the Allergent's truck to the park's lake where the bomb was deactivated. When allergent was crawling out of the water he was taken by Lock-Up. Batman fought Ivy careful of being touched by Ivy's nails or lips. Ivy was in a rage and ended up on top of Batman trying once more to kiss him. Batman knocked her and called upon the police to take her back to Arkham.

At the GCPD Headquarters, the new commissioner was overwhelmed by his new job and refused to leave his office as the entire department witnessed and Harvey Bullock made fun of the guy.



  • The poison used by Ivy is mispelled as amsaenium triphyllum. The correct spelling is Arisaema triphyllum.
  • There are small references to Curare and Grevillea mimosoides; both plants with poisonous effects.

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