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Detective Comics Vol 1 705


Detective Comics Vol 1 705

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"Badd Girls": A couple of armed girls had taken over the Gotham Courthouse and were holding against the GCPD. The police had the building surrounded and every possible exit covered. The girls were recognized as Echo and Query; known a

Quote1 I never saw you as a competition, Cluemaster. Strictly bush league. Puzzles were just a cheap gimmick for you. But they're my life. You play at conundrums. To me they're art. But I'm about to make you part of my master crime. Oh yeah. Quote2
-- The Riddler

Appearing in "Badd Girls"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Nurse Florence (Single appearance)


  • Mercy General Hospital
  • Central Courthouse



Synopsis for "Badd Girls"

A couple of armed girls had taken over the Gotham Courthouse and were holding against the GCPD. The police had the building surrounded and every possible exit covered. The girls were recognized as Echo and Query; known associates of The Riddler. Commissioner Gordon had the Tactical Team ready to strike and Batman discussed the situation with the Commissioner in a nearby building.

Batman learned about the girls' relation with the Riddler and Sarah Gordon told him about The Riddler's injury and that he was staying at the Mercy General Hospital. Batman knew then that the Courthouse was a distraction and he went to the Hospital. Robin stayed to help the police against the girls.

Query and Echo entered the Courthouse and took Arthur Brown, a.k.a. Cluemaster, with them. They took the man to the roof of the building and started to gear up with a parachute each. Robin approached them to get a better look at what they were planning. Robin told Commissioner Gordon by radio that the man that the girls were carrying wasn't a hostage but instead he was the Cluemaster. In that moment, Gordon told the Tactical Squad to act immediately. Robin then saw that the cuople of girls leaving something at the base of the radio tower. When the girls started to climb the tower with the Cluemaster, Robin realized that they were leaving explosives at the base of the tower. He tried to warn Gordon but the Tactical Squad already arrived at the rooftop. Robin launched himself into the Tactical Squad to prevent them from the blast of the explosion. When the bomb went off, the tower fell into the rooftop of a nearby building. With their chutes on, the girls landed softly and Brown landed barely on his feet. Having fooled the police, Query and Echo escaped from the place along with Arthur Brown.

At Mercy General Hospital, Nigma was recovering from his wrist injury. A nurse told the guard that Nigma wouldn't cause any trouble as he was sedated and chained to the bed and the guard went out of the room for a while. Riddler seized the opportunity to take a lockpick from his plaster splint. He freed himself and when the guard came back, he knocked him. Riddler took the guard's weapon and threatened the nurse and a doctor on his way out. He took the nurse's car to escape from the hospital. Batman arrived at the last minute and tried to stop The Riddler from escaping but it was impossible. Nigma was once again free.

The next night, the GCPD received a letter from Riddler with a riddle in it. Batman and Robin solved the riddle and deduced that the Riddler was pointing them to a certain adress. They arrive at the place just to find Cluemaster wearing a vest full of explosives and a remote detonator. Cluemaster told them that Riddler has the detonator and then The Riddler used a speaker in the vest to communicate from his lair. The Riddler threatened to activate the bomb if Batman and the others didn't do what he said.


  • This is the first part of the three part storyline featuring The Riddler and Cluemaster. This story continues in Detective Comics #706.


  • The issue's title is a pun as it writes Bad with double D and it refers to Query and Echo, and the way their bodies are drawn.
  • The Riddler had his wrist broken on purpose. This happened in Detective Comics #703.

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