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Detective Comics Vol 1 706


Detective Comics Vol 1 706

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"Lethal Pursuits": Riddler tells Batman the first series of clues through the speaker in Arthur Brown's vest. Riddler told them that they only have 15 minutes to decipher it before he detonates the explosives

Quote1 You have fifteen minutes, friends. To solve the riddles, to get the clue to your next station. Fifteen minutes or-- Cluemaster leaves a smoking hole in the street. Quote2
-- Riddler

Appearing in "Lethal Pursuits"

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Other Characters:

  • Benny
  • Momo




Synopsis for "Lethal Pursuits"

Riddler tells Batman the first series of clues through the speaker in Arthur Brown's vest. Riddler told them that they only have 15 minutes to decipher it before he detonates the explosives in the vest. Batman and Robin deciphered the clues but they were still unclear. Batman told Robin to head back to the batcave, contact Oracle and get her help with Riddler's clues. Meanwhile, Batman locked Brown inside the batmobile's truck and traveled to the next address where Riddler would give them the next set of clues.

In the trunk, Cluemaster spoke to Riddler using the speaker and tried to convince Nigma of letting him be part of his plan. Nigma told him that he already was playing his part. Robin met Alfred at the subway station and they reached the batcave in the Batsubway Rocket.

Batman and Brown arrived at the Irish Civil War Memorial in East River. Riddler told them the next clues, Batman solved them, gave the answers to Robin and started to move to the next address.

Robin and Oracle tried to establish a connection between the Riddler's clues. The clues were all numeric ones and Oracle deduced that Nigma planned all that a long time ago. At Arkham Asylum, the GCPD found a notebook in Riddler's cell. Commissioner Gordon faxed the information to the batcave and with those notes, Oracle and Robin could make more sense of Nigma's puzzle. With the new information, Robin prepared to meet Batman back in Gotham.

Batman and Cluemaster solved a couple more of Nigma's clues. Riddler was telling them a series of clues to distract them from his real intention. While Riddler was busy with Batman and Brown; Query and Echo were unloading some big boxes in the Riddler's hideout. When they were done unpacking, they opened the boxes and changed their clothes with the ones that were in the boxes.

Robin was driving to Gotham but he was detoured from his usual shortcut and told Batman that it would take him more time to reach him. Nigma's clues took Batman and Brown to Robinson Park. The unlikely duo came across some hoods along the way. The crooks were trying to hide a dead body in the park. Batman jumped out of the batmobile to stop them and told Brown to get under cover. Riddler noticed that there was something wrong and when Cluemaster told him about the situation, Riddler burst out in anger and ordered Brown to go and help Batman, because if not, he would detonate the bomb. Riddler told Brown that Batman was part of the plan and that he was just a tool and that without Batman he would die anyway. Brown was paralyzed in shock as he saw Batman struggling with the hoods and got hit by a bullet in the cowl.



  • The title of the issue is actually Trivial Pursuits; but the first word is overlapped by the word Lethal.
  • Oracle and Robin used the Benford's law to decipher the Riddler's clues.

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