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Detective Comics Vol 1 707


Detective Comics Vol 1 707

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"Riddled": Batman was down from the bullet that struck his cowl. The hoods were celebrating when Cluemaster appeared and threatened them. Brown told them that if they shoot him, everyone would die because of the plastic explosive in his ve

Quote1 Go ahead. Fire a hot round into this plastic and let's all go vapor. I'm having the worst night of my life anyway. Quote2
-- Cluemaster

Appearing in "Riddled"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Benny
  • Momo
  • Wilbur (Single appearance)




Synopsis for "Riddled"

Batman was down from the bullet that struck his cowl. The hoods were celebrating when Cluemaster appeared and threatened them. Brown told them that if they shoot him, everyone would die because of the plastic explosive in his vest. Brown struggled for a while but one of the hoods struck him in the head with a shovel. A car was approaching to them. Riddler's remote signal didn't work because Brown was beneath a bridge in the park. Robin arrived just in time to help Brown and Batman. Batman had recovered from his injury and the duo took down the mobsters. Once they were clear, Batman and Robin switched Brown. Robin used a voice modulator to resemble Batman's voice so he can take Brown with him and the Riddler wouldn't suspect that Batman was actually looking for him.

Robin and Brown got into the Redbird and Batman used the Batmobile. Robin spoke to Riddler and he was fooled to think that Robin was Batman. Riddler gave him the clues to the next station and with Oracle's help they decipher it in no time. Meanwhile, Batman used Oracle's help to unravel Riddler's master plan. Robin came up with the solution when he remembered a line for the Book of Genesis. It was a sentence that makes reference to baseball. Once Robin shared that information with Batman and Oracle, they managed to put all the pieces of the Riddler's clues in place and knew where would the Riddler strike.

In the meantime, Riddler was already at the place. He entered a baseball exposition. He was disguised as a baseball player and Query and Echo were dressed as the Gotham Giant's mascots. With their help he knocked the guards of the place. He was planning on stealing a historical baseball score-card, worth "fifty grand". Cluemaster started to panick when he thought that Batman and Robin would let him die if they didn't managed to stop the Riddler. Brown called Robin, Boy Wonder and the Riddler realized that he has been fooled all the time. He started to dial the activation code of the detonator when Batman arrived and took the trigger from Riddler's hands. Robin was trapped inside the Redbird and couldn't get clear from Browb. Batman knocked Query and Echo and then destroyed the trigger, putting an end to Riddler's plans.

Later, Batman and Robin chained Brown to a lamppost and waited for the police to come and get him. The duo told Brown that they were even and warned him that they'll be there if he tries to do anything.


  • This is the last part of the three part storyline featuring The Riddler and Cluemaster.
  • The events of this issue take place after Detective Comics #706.


  • At the beginning of the issue Riddler is still using a ferule on his arm because of his fractured wrist. By the end of the issue he is seen using his arm with no trouble and without the plaster.
  • There is a reference to the biblical Book of Genesis.
  • The Ritz Marlton hotel in Gotham is a reference to real life Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company.
  • The Riddler's master crime is Baseball themed.

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