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Detective Comics Vol 1 710


Detective Comics Vol 1 710

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"Heart of Ice": Batman confronts Deathstroke about the latest killings in Gotham City. They start a fight which Deathstroke wins by beating Batman to a pulp. Deathstroke told Batman that he wasn't after the blood money, but instead he

Quote1 Under Henri Ducard's tutelage I mastered long-range sniping. I hated using a gun then. I hated using one tonight. But what I hated most of all is how close I had to come to that last resort. Quote2
-- Batman

Appearing in "Heart of Ice"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Deathstroke
  • Gunhawk
  • Quentin Quintain (Final appearance; Dies)
  • Templeton (Final appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Commander Belson (Single appearance)




Synopsis for "Heart of Ice"

Batman confronts Deathstroke about the latest killings in Gotham City. They start a fight which Deathstroke wins by beating Batman to a pulp. Deathstroke told Batman that he wasn't after the blood money, but instead he sought vengeance against Gunhawk. Batman told Robin via radio about their two killers.

Meanwhile in Devlin Davenport's Ferry, Gunhawk appeared and demanded that Davenport surrender and let him be killed. Sarah Essen-Gordon and Mackenzie Bock confronted Gunhawk and so begun a shooting between the police and the killer. After the shooting, Gunhawk got out of sight as he started looking for Davenport, who sneaked out at the moment of the shooting. The police officers called the Coast Guard to take most of the people out of the hijacked boat to safety.

While Batman recovered, he told Robin to continue searching for the man who was hiring all the assassins. Robin along with Oracle found new leads on the case.

Deathstroke was aiming again at the ferry when Batman attacked him by surprise. This time Batman had the upper hand and beat Deathsroke almost with vengeance. Once Deathsroke was knocked down, Batman realized that the ferry was already too far away to reach it and stop Gunhawk. Batman pondered his options for a while before coming to the conclusion that he needed to use Deathstoke's gun to stop Gunhawk.

Gunhawk was still searching for Davenport, when he saw the man diving into the sea. At that momen. Sarah and Hardcback found him again and this time they gave him the chance to surrender. Gunhawk was crazed and just when he was about to shoot at them, a bullet struck his weapons and left him unarmed. The police arrested the man as Batman threw the gun he just used to the sea. When he turned to take Deathstroke into custody, the mas was already gone.

Robin and Oracle figured out who was the man behind the killings and they reported it to the police. When they arrived at the man's home, they found that he was dead already. The police arrested his butler instead.

Batman returned to the batcave with Wilson's sword. He was proud of Robin and Oracle's job. Alfred asked him why he took the sword instead of the gun and Bruce answered that he didn't wanted to be reminded of that.


  • This is the last part of the storyline labeled as The Death Lottery; featuring Deathstroke and Gunhawk.
  • The story takes place after Detective Comics #709.


  • After solving this case, Batman took Deathstroke's sword to keep it in his Trophies Gallery in the batcave.
  • This is one of the few times that Batman have used a gun in the modern comics.

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