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"Days of Fire": Batman and Robin are at the mercy of Firefly. The pyromaniac was telling Batman how would he burn them and Batman distracted Lynns enough to throw a Batarang at him. That gave Batman the

Quote1 What makes you think you can bring me down this time, Firefly? You're the kind of psycho that makes me sick. You think you're the master that fire serves. But you're just a moron transfixed by what you see in the flames. It's you who serves the fire, Lynns. Quote2
-- Batman

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Synopsis for "Days of Fire"

Batman and Robin are at the mercy of Firefly. The pyromaniac was telling Batman how would he burn them and Batman distracted Lynns enough to throw a Batarang at him. That gave Batman the edge he needed as he took an unconscious Robin and escaped from the burning building. The GCPD was still inside the building but none of them were harmed. Detective John Jones was the most affected because of the explosion and the burning fire surrounding him. The fire department arrived to control the fire and Detective Bullock took Jones to the hospital.

Batman gave Robin some oxygen to make him wake up. Later the duo decided to head back to the Batcave to heal their injuries. Alfred provided his medical knowledge to heal both of them and while doing so, he sedated Bruce so he could rest for that night at least.

The next day at the GCPD Headquarters, Jones appeared looking for Bullock. The doctors said that he suffered second degree burns but Jones seemed to be fine. He asked to see Commissioner Gordon and he was told that Gordon was busy with a police partner. Jones knew that Gordon was talking to Batman about the Dalbert case and he decided to enter the commissioner's office. He provided Gordon with a profile and more information about Wiley Dalbert. As soon as Gordon was distracted, both Jones and Batman had disappeared, leaving Gordon angry and alone.

Batman knew the truth about Jones and his identity. Batman knew that Jones was in fact Martian Manhunter. The pair went to the jewelery that Dalbert would strike at and Lynns was heading there too to make Dalbert pay for betraying him.

Dalbert appeared inside the jewelery safe out of nowhere, but Martian Manhunter was waiting for him inside it. When Jones captured Dalbert they went out of the safe just to face Firefly and his flamethrower. Batman appeared with a fireproof Batsuit and knocked Firefly down but Dalbert managed to escape again disappearing from the place. Batman asked Jones for an explanation and the Martian told him that Dalbert was a scientist that unveiled the secret of the neutrino allowing him to travel backwards in time and so he knew everything that would happen because he lived the events in reverse order.

At the Gotham Library, the librarian is shocked to see a picture of Dalbert in an old book showing him as the founder of that same library.


  • This is the second and final part of the storyline featuring Firefly, Wiley Dalbert and Martian Manhunter.
  • The story continues the events from Detective Comics #714.


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