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"Point of Impact": Batman was still unconscious inside the Batmobile because of the impact against a column and Gearhead watched the scene as some street punks approached the car. One of the punks tried to open one of the batmobile'

Quote1 The man is--was a complete maniac. His delusions led to his death. Both times. You have no cause to blame yourself. Quote2
-- Alfred Pennyworth

Appearing in "Point of Impact"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Gearhead
  • Randy (Single appearance)
  • Gordo (Single appearance)
  • Chevy (Single appearance)
  • Drew (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Greg (Single appearance)




Synopsis for "Point of Impact"

Batman was still unconscious inside the Batmobile because of the impact against a column and Gearhead watched the scene as some street punks approached the car. One of the punks tried to open one of the batmobile's doors but the security system of the car was triggered and the thug was shocked with electricity. A second thug smashed the car with a sledgehammer but instead of breaking the car, the second security measure was triggered and nerve gas was released from the car and the thugs ran away to avoid contact with it. The batmobile send a recorded message by radio to the Batcave, where Alfred was warned about the situation of the car and the operator. Alfred located the address of the accident and used the Bat-van to go to the place.

The thugs called an auto salvage yard owner to help them with the batmobile. The guy took his flatbed to take the batmobile to his yard but when they tried to get the car in the flatbet the batmobile released litte balls that emitted high-frequency sounds that stunned them.

Alfred was in a rush through the streets when a police car spotted him and started to follow the van because he surpassed the speed limits.

The thugs tried again to lift the batmobile into the flatbed and the fourth security system measure was activated as the batmobile ejected a super glue compound from the sides attaching most of the street gang to the ground. By that time Batman recovered and deactivated the security system, he started the engine and moved out of there. Gearhead, who was patiently waiting for the thugs to finish with the car, was upset because Batman was getting away. Gearhead followed Batman into a chase in the freeway.

Alfred arrived at the place of the accident just to find a bunch of people glued to the ground. He decided to continue his way towards the freeway and the police officers that were tailing him, decided to get the glued thugs instead of following one man.

Batman was chased by Gearhead and so he decided to drop some bombs on the way, but that only enraged Gearhead and he started to shoot at the batmobile. Batman spilled oil in the way and Gearhead slipped into a wall that damaged the wheels of his vehicle structure. Gearhead used some robotic legs that resembled the ones of a spider and were attached to the structure, to crush the batmobile. Batman accelerated the car into the wall and the impact ejected Gearhead down to the railroad tracks. Alfred arrived to the place and as a train approached, he prevented Batman from risking his life to save Gearhead. The train crushed Gearhead into pieces and Batman felt responsible for Finch's death. Alfred told him not to feel that way as Finch was the only responsible for his fate.

Among the metal pieces spread near the railroad tracks, Finch appeared with the lower half of his body gone and crawling somewhere with the promise of revenge in his mind.



  • This issue showcases the many utilities that the Batmobile possess.

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