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Detective Comics Vol 1 734


Detective Comics Vol 1 734

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"Mark of Cain, Part Two": Cain attempted to kill James Gordon, but his daughter, Cassandra, leaped through a window, tackling him and foiling the assassination. Cassandra fell and Cain grabbed her arm while at

Quote1 He thinks he can scare me. He thinks he can stop me. There's nothing wrong with him a bullet in the head won't fix. Quote2
-- Batman repeating after Two-Face

Appearing in "Mark of Cain, Part Two"

Featured Characters:

  • Batman (Flashback and main story)

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Mark of Cain, Part Two"

Cain attempted to kill James Gordon, but his daughter, Cassandra, leaped through a window, tackling him and foiling the assassination. Cassandra fell and Cain grabbed her arm while at the same time Batman lassos Cain's legs, suspending both Cain and his daughter over the side of a building. Batman began to lose his grip and Cassandra dropped from her father's grip intentionally. Batman tied off his end of the rope and leaped after Cassandra.

She awakened in a cemetery with Batman. Batman speaked to her and determined that she does not speak. Batman told her that her father has been hired by Two-Face to kill Gordon and warned her to stay away from Cain and leaves. Batman tracked down Cain, found him setting up a sniper rifle for a shot at Gordon and the two fight. Meanwhile, Cassandra went to Two-Face's territory and beat the man with ease. Later, Cassandra interrupts Batman and Cain's fight, stopping the two from killing one another. Cassandra has returned with a lot of money taken from Two-Face and his special coin. Cain went his way leaving Batman and Cassandra to meet up with Oracle, who gave Cassandra a picture of herself during her time as Batgirl. Batman then tells Oracle to call his allies.


  • This is the second and last part of the story entitled Mark of Cain, which started in Batman #567. No Man's Land continues in Robin #67.


  • In this issue's flashbacks, we learn that in his youth, Bruce Wayne was trained in hand-to-hand combat by David Caine.

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