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Detective Comics Vol 1 738


Detective Comics Vol 1 738

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"Goin' Downtown, Part Two: The Vandal": Two-Face was surrounded by gangs that were attacking him. He tried to fight them back but he was outnumbered. One of his henchmen at the Hall of Records called him by radio and told him that someone was attacking them. It was [[

Quote1 Bane had no reason to destroy the city's records. But someone did. And I have the feeling they're about to step into the light. Quote2
-- Batman

Appearing in "Goin' Downtown, Part Two: The Vandal"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Tango (Only appearance; dies)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Goin' Downtown, Part Two: The Vandal"

Two-Face was surrounded by gangs that were attacking him. He tried to fight them back but he was outnumbered. One of his henchmen at the Hall of Records called him by radio and told him that someone was attacking them. It was Bane; who was attacking them with heavy artillery. Once he ran out of ammo in his machine gun, Bane used some grenades to blow up Two-Face's henchmen and then he got inside the hall of records. Batman and Robin watched him and Batman decided to leave him and went back to rescue Two-Face from the angry gangs.

Penguin heard the news of what was happening but couldn't decide if it was all good for him.

Bane and the girl got inside the Hall of Records and Bane killed a couple more of Two-Face's men. Then he told the girl to help him and they started placing the explosives that Bane created, inside the hall of records. The explosives were made with radioactive properties, so in a sense, they were mini nuclear bombs.

Two-Face couldn't stand against all the gangs and soon they captured him and they were ready to hang him when Batman and Robin arrived to save Two-Face. Batman fought the gangs while Robin untied Two-Face. Just when Robin freed him, Two-Face ran away and escaped. Batman knocked the last thug of the gangs and at that precise moment, Bane and the girl had finished placing the explosives and activated them. They ran away from the place and a few moments later, the Hall of Records was obliterated by an explosion that was felt all over Gotham City. Bane told the girl that she was free to go but that she must spread the word of what she just witnessed.

Later, Batman and Robin checked the place where the Hall of Records used to be. The radiation was high and Robin asked Batman why they didn't stopped Bane, besides for the reason of saving Two-Face's life. Batman told Robin that Bane had no reason to destroy the records, but that someone else did and he wanted the plan to succeed hoping that the real responsible show up.



  • Bane mentions that the Endgame has begun. This is a reference to upcoming and last storyline of the No Man's Land crossover.

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