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Quote1 James Gordon is the heart of the GCPD. His heart aches, but it will never quit. And like mine, his will remember. Quote2
-- Batman

Appearing in "The Honored Dead"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Jerry Hennelly (First appearance)
  • Sergeant Jerome Collins (Single appearance) (Dies)
  • Officer Tom Basso (Single appearance)




Synopsis for "The Honored Dead"

James Gordon has been on leave for 10 weeks, mourning the death of his wife, but is now back on duty as Gotham City's police commissioner. He has much work ahead of him, still recruiting for the police force, which is still seriously under-staffed after the city's No Man's Land period. As part of the work of building the GCPD back up again, he assigns Hardback Bock to head up the Organised Crime division and promotes Harvey Bullock to Lieutenant, head of the Major Crimes Unit. Bullock's old partner, Renée Montoya, is now to work with Crispus Allen, newly arrived from Metropolis.

Soon, both the police department and Batman are attracted to the scene of a shooting, a mob hit where two police officers were caught in the crossfire, including Jerome Collins, a fine member of the police department for 17 years. Although he should leave it to Major Crimes, Gordon is determined to track down those responsible - Captain Bock suspects that the Odessa Mob are responsible, and Gordon heads out to confront their leader, Vasily Kosov. Under questioning, Kosov reveals the location of the 4 men responsible for the hit on the Cassamento Family. Both the police Commissioner and Batman head for the location, where Batman has to dissuade his old friend from making a near-suicidal assault on their territory. Working together, they are able to capture the killers, realising that their bond is closer than ever, united by a keen sense of loss.


  • Collected in Batman: Evolution.


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