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"Evolution III: Law of the Land": Batman informs Commissioner Gordon that although he knows Vasily Kosov and Emanuel Escabedo were killed by Ekin Tzu and [[Able Crown (New Earth)|Able C

Quote1 Snake...wolf...I don't care...this is a circus...and if you know anything about know I don't like clowns. Quote2
-- Batman

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Synopsis for "Evolution III: Law of the Land"

Batman informs Commissioner Gordon that although he knows Vasily Kosov and Emanuel Escabedo were killed by Ekin Tzu and Able Crown, he cannot prove it. He also reveals that Whisper A'Daire arranged the double killing, and learns that she has been getting very close to the Mayor, having spent many evenings with him and his wife recently. The next day, Bruce Wayne visits Mayor Dickerson and finds him with Whisper at his office. Here, he is able to obtain a scale from her neck, which he runs through the Batcomputer, finding that it is very close genetically to a scale from a King Cobra. Elsewhere, Kyle Abbott receives a consignment of a liquid that Able Crown's Burnley Town Massive is to introduce into the Gotham drug supply. This is touted as bringing immortality, but nobody is to try it before it hits the streets.

At the GCPD Headquarters, the implications of the two deaths are discussed, and much infighting is expected in the Colombian and Russian gangs over the coming weeks. Here, Batman explains his discovery about Whisper to Gordon, and also confronts him about the fact that he hasn't been home for two days - his friend explains that he cant bear it at home, as it reminds him too much of his late wife Sarah. Later, Batman tracks down the safehouse which Whisper and Abbott are using, discovering a skin shed by Whisper and encountering Abbott, who once again fights him in wolf-like form. He is able to knock Abbott out and discovers a wealth of information gathered by the pair on all of Gotham's organised crime.

At the same time, Whisper offers Ekin Tzu a taste of 'immortality'. When he drinks the tea she prepares for him, he is transformed into a bird-like form. As he writhes in pain, Whsiper calmly tells him the truth about his wife's death.


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