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Detective Comics Vol 1 750

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"Dependence": Following the incident that drove a wedge between him and the rest of the JLA, Batman steps up his campaign to track down Ra's al Ghul, though he claims when asked that his main objec

Quote1 We all have our addictions, Detective. Whisper's is me. In turn, mine is the Lazarus Pit. My daughter's is you. And yours is your holy quest. Quote2
-- Ra's al Ghul

Appearing in "Dependence"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Captain Dale (a pilot) (Single appearance)
  • Josef Witschi (Mentioned only)




Synopsis for "Dependence"

Following the incident that drove a wedge between him and the rest of the JLA, Batman steps up his campaign to track down Ra's al Ghul, though he claims when asked that his main objective is to capture Whisper A'Daire.

Whisper and Abbott, meanwhile, attempt to re-enter al Ghul's good graces by telling him the location of his wayward daughter Talia - Switzerland. They are sent to retrieve her, arriving just after Batman, who believed that Ra's al Ghul would be here, having tracked withdrawals from one of his accounts and followed the young man, Josef Witschi, who made the withdrawals. In the ensuing confrontation, Abbott captures Talia only because Talia allowed him to capture her to save Batman, and Whisper is taken by Batman. He gives her an antidote to al Ghul's elixir, but she is loyal beyond mere addiction and although she reveals where Ra's can be found, she immediately warns him that Batman is in pursuit.

Aided by a clue left by Talia, Batman moves from Bern to Paris to the Libyan desert, eventually catching up with al Ghul. Although captured, he is liberated by Talia, who knows that her father will never forgive her for this latest act of betrayal. Batman destroys all remaining supplies of the form of the elixir which Ra's planned to unleash on Gotham, then he and Talia go their separate ways.

Appearing in "The Jacobian, Chapter 5: The Moment's Gone"

Featured Characters:

  • The Jacobian (Flashback and main story)

Supporting Characters:

  • Leelee (Flashback and main story)


  • The Mahmatchik (Flashback only)

Other Characters:

  • Eggman
  • Loretta Lucern (journalist) (Single appearance)


  • Westwind City

Synopsis for "The Jacobian, Chapter 5: The Moment's Gone"

Jacob and Leelee confront a fat man that was running from them and tell him about Lelee's story. The man seems to recall a similar story happening to a fictional superhero called "The Moment". Jacob and Leelee investigate further about this superhero and discover that he had a side-kick called "Lady Luck". Later, they learn that The Moment and Lady Luck had separated ways because she was in love with him but he didn't feel the same. After a while, the two of them are joined together but Lady Luck was a villain now. Moment persuaded her to become good and to be his side-kick again, and with hope she returned to him. However, Moment wasn't interested in her and that only infuriated her. In a fight, Lady Luck, now called Bad Luck, left Moment fighting alone with some ninjas until they manage to unmask him and reveal his identity as "The Jacobian".

Jacob and Leelee find themselves at a dead end without being aware that the story they have been following all along is too similar to their own personal stories.



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