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Detective Comics Vol 1 756


Detective Comics Vol 1 756

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"Lord of the Ring": Superman confronts Lois Lane and Batman, who have broken into the White House to steal the Kryptonite ring in President Luthor's possession. A chase through

Quote1 We're trying to help you, Superman! Or maybe you've forgotten that the President has a little ring that can kill you? Quote2
-- Lois Lane

Appearing in "Lord of the Ring"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Agent W. Walker (Sasha's former boss) (Single appearance)



Synopsis for "Lord of the Ring"

Superman confronts Lois Lane and Batman, who have broken into the White House to steal the Kryptonite ring in President Luthor's possession. A chase through the corridors of power ensues, with Superman hindered by the fact that Luthor had coated all the walls with lead paint and installed sonic bafflers throughout the building. Eventually, Batman finds the ring in Luthor's office, but is forced to give it back. Once outside the White House, Batman and Superman reveal to Lois that the ring given back to Luthor is a forgery - they have stolen the original after all, from under Luthor's nose. Meanwhile, Sasha discovers her employer's secrets when she finds a stash of Batarangs in a secret compartment in Bruce Wayne's luggage.

Appearing in "The Jacobian, Chapter Eleven: The Garden of Knowledge"

Featured Characters:

  • The Jacobian/Adehm

Supporting Characters:

  • Kobi
  • Leelee/Lilith
  • The High Priest


  • The Mahmetchik

Other Characters:

  • The Inek (Single appearance)


  • Gan

Synopsis for "The Jacobian, Chapter Eleven: The Garden of Knowledge"

Greeted with the option 'defend or die', The Jacobian chooses 'neither' and is admitted to the sanctuary of Gan. Here, he meets the High Priest, who tells him that his name is Adehm and his function is the Jacobian, 'all that is', with complete mastery of all knowledge and its application. The sum essence of human knowledge is safeguarded in Gan, and when the Jacobian touches it, it manifests as the Garden of Eden and here he discovers Leelee's true identity - Lilith, the insubordinate wife of Adam.



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