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Detective Comics Vol 1 760


Detective Comics Vol 1 760

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"Unknowing, Part Three": Detectives Allen and Montoya know they are going to have to stand trial for their actions, charged with armed robbery even if it was not of their own violation. Meanwhile, Batman[[Ca

Quote1 At last we are ready, my dear friends in blue,
Hurry each of you to your positions.
The evening is on us, and if Batman stays true,
Shortly he'll try to foil our ambitions.
-- The Mad Hatter

Appearing in "Unknowing, Part Three"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Unknowing, Part Three"

Detectives Allen and Montoya know they are going to have to stand trial for their actions, charged with armed robbery even if it was not of their own violation. Meanwhile, Batman, who suspects that the Mad Hatter is going to step up his plan to cause chaos through controlling the GCPD, entrusts Sasha Bordeaux with a vital part of his plan to disrupt the villain's goals, by broadcasting feedback to all police officers in the city and thus breaking the hypnotic control.

As night falls, Stacy makes an attempt on Commissioner Akins' life, while Jerry Hennelly and other members of the Quick Response Team have to deal with their fellow officers to calm a riot. Batman and Sasha's actions are able to break the control over the police force, but damage has certainly been done. The next morning, Sasha returns home to find Bruce Wayne entertaining Vesper Fairchild.

Appearing in "Trail of the Catwoman, Part Two"

Featured Characters:


  • The mob
  • Gino (First appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Cooper (NYPD coroner) (Single appearance)
  • Spender (journalist) (Single appearance)


  • The Thin Blue Line

Synopsis for "Trail of the Catwoman, Part Two"

Investigating Catwoman and her potential connection to the late Selina Kyle, Slam Bradley discovers that all is not as it seems. The mob is very, very interested in his investigations and when Kyle's body is exhumed, it turns out that someone else is in her grave.



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