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in: Mike Carlin/Executive Editor, John McCrea/Cover Artist, Nathan Eyring/Cover Artist Greg Rucka/Writer, Judd Winick/Writer, Shawn Martinbrough/Penciler, Jesse Delperdang/Inker, Wildstorm FX/Colourist, Todd Klein/Letterer, Bob Schreck/Editor, Michael Wright/Editor, Cliff Chiang/Penciler, Cliff Chiang/Inker, Lee Loughridge/Colourist, John Workman/Letterer, Matt Idelson/Editor, Bruce Wayne (New Earth)/Quotes, Bruce Wayne (New Earth)/Appearances, Sasha Bordeaux (New Earth)/Appearances, Vesper Fairchild (New Earth)/Appearances, Margaret Sawyer (New Earth)/Appearances, Toby Raynes (New Earth)/Appearances, Michael Akins (New Earth)/Appearances, Stacy (New Earth)/Appearances, Renee Montoya (New Earth)/Appearances, Crispus Allen (New Earth)/Appearances, Thomas Burke (New Earth)/Appearances, Gotham City/Appearances, GCPD Headquarters/Appearances, Wayne Manor/Appearances, Josephine MacDonald (New Earth)/Appearances, Comics, 2002, 2002, January, November 14, 2001 (Publication), 2001, November (Publication), Detective Comics Vol 1, Modern-Age, Synopsis Written

Detective Comics Vol 1 764


Detective Comics Vol 1 764

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"Hearts": Sasha Bordeaux is unimpressed by the way that Bruce Wayne's relationship with Vesper Fairchild is progressing. The two of them appear to be getting serious, but Bruce does not seem happy, and S

Quote1 Vesper Fairchild... Go home. Go. Home. Quote2
-- Batman

Appearing in "Hearts"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:

  • Alan (a vagrant) (Single appearance)



  • Bruce Wayne's limousine

Synopsis for "Hearts"

Sasha Bordeaux is unimpressed by the way that Bruce Wayne's relationship with Vesper Fairchild is progressing. The two of them appear to be getting serious, but Bruce does not seem happy, and Sasha cannot see how the relationship could help his role as Batman, which she knows he takes so seriously that he tends to guard his heart zealously. Meanwhile, Maggie Sawyer, formerly Captain of the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit, has moved to Gotham City, taking a demotion to Lieutenant to head up the first shift of the Major Crimes Unit. She tells her new command that this is because she wants to get back to real policing and because she has been told they are the best detectives around - she wants them to prove it to her.

Vesper Fairchild continues her work trying to get a photo of Batman, following up a lead from a vagrant named Alan. However, Batman finds her and tells her to leave. The next day, when she visits Bruce Wayne, she finds him lounging in his pool with three beautiful young ladies - shocked, she leaves. Later, at the Police Headquarters, Maggie talks to her girlfriend Toby on the phone, telling her how much she misses her.

Appearing in "Josie Mac. Lost Voices, Part Two"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Oscar Castro (First appearance)
  • Josie's dad (Behind the scenes)


  • Vincent Anotelli (First appearance)


Synopsis for "Josie Mac. Lost Voices, Part Two"

Josie investigates the Anotelli kidnapping, along with her unpopular partner Oscar Castro, an alcoholic who is cruising through his last three years before retirement. They speak to mobster Vincent Anotelli, who is devastated by his grandson's kidnapping, and partly blames himself. He reveals that Anthony has been missing for a week and Castro assumes he must be dead by now. Later, Josie investigates Anthony's bedroom and finds a sock that yearns to be matched with its other half. Using her ability to find lost things, she works out where the other sock is and gets her father to phone in an anonymous tip about it. However, when they raid the relevant property, they just find Anthony's abandoned clothes. Things are not looking good.


  • This book was first published on November 14, 2001.
  • Maggie Sawyer joins the GCPD with this issue, transferring from the Superman family of comics to the Batman family. She last appeared in Superman: Man of Steel #119.
  • Maggie's girlfriend, Toby Raines, appears only as the person (unheard) on the other end of the line in two telephone conversations. She is still living in Metropolis.
  • Commissioner Akins refers to his wife Garselle for the first (and only?) time in this issue.


  • The editors of Hearts are credited as Michael "Constant Reader" Wright and Robert "Dear Abby" Schreck, in keeping with the romantic themes of the lead story.

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