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Detective Comics Vol 1 791


Detective Comics Vol 1 791

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"The Surrogate, Part One: Lost and Found": A young pregnant girl staggers into Leslie Thompkins' clinic with a bullet-wound, and the doctors do their best to save her. However, during the operation, Leslie is unable to find any trace of the bullet which caused th

Quote1 She found me and she took care of me...taught me how to survive. There is nothing I wouldn't do for her. Quote2
-- Batman

Appearing in "The Surrogate, Part One: Lost and Found"

Featured Characters:

  • Batman (Flashback and main story)

Supporting Characters:


  • Biggie Tiny (Jamil Heyman)
  • Capo Siegel
  • Helen "L'Shea" DuPris

Other Characters:

  • Kevin (orphan)
  • Neisha DuPris (First appearance)
  • Patty (nurse)
  • Vera (doctor)



Synopsis for "The Surrogate, Part One: Lost and Found"

A young pregnant girl staggers into Leslie Thompkins' clinic with a bullet-wound, and the doctors do their best to save her. However, during the operation, Leslie is unable to find any trace of the bullet which caused the wound.

Meanwhile, Batman encounters Biggie Tiny, a former Knights’ linebacker now involved with the Hill's street gangs, who is in the middle of an apparent arms purchase. During the scuffle, Batman is shot, but the only liquid left behind is water, not blood. He is contacted by Oracle and told that Leslie Thompkins needs to see him right away. Batman leaves as Oracle contacts the GCPD to pick up Biggie and his crew.

At her clinic, Leslie asks Batman to find the wounded girl's next of kin, as her condition is getting progressively worse. The girl, Neisha Dupris, is currently in the foster care of a woman named Marga Gonzales. However, when Batman goes to the home of Gonzales, he encounters a number of parentless children living in squalid conditions. One of the children tells Batman that Neisha left, intent on going to live with her sister. Batman contacts Oracle again and asks her to run a search for any sisters for Neisha and he, in turn, is told that the GCPD arrived too late to pick up Biggie and his gang.

Arriving at Biggie’s home, Batman tells the crook he knows Mr. Freeze supplied the bullets that shot both Neisha and himself, deducing that the bullets are made of ice. But Batman also knows that Freeze is not holding the purse strings, but someone else is and that same person wants Neisha dead. Batman disables the crook and on his way back to Leslie’s clinic is contacted by Oracle, who says she has found a sister of Neisha’s named Helen. When Batman returns, with only a little more information than he had in the first place, he discovers that everybody at Leslie's clinic has disappeared.

Appearing in "The Tailor, Part Three"

Featured Characters:

  • The Tailor (Flashback and main story)


  • Mayhem (Flashback only)
  • Rex
  • Lightning
  • Roam
  • Bullet

Other Characters:



Synopsis for "The Tailor, Part Three"

The Tailor recollects the outing with the villain team Mayhem seven years ago that got him into trouble. They planned a massive robbery, but unfortunately Batman arrived sooner than expected and they had to split up. The Tailor never made it to their meeting point and everyone assumed he had absconded with the cash and ratted them out, as all were soon under arrest. However, although he had escaped, he was far from unscathed, suffering some serious injuries. He was not the traitor.


  • This book was first published on February 4, 2004.
  • Throughout the story are flashback scenes of Bruce after his parents’ death, when he is first invited to live with Leslie for a while.
  • The Tailor in "The Tailor" appears before the events in Batman: Gotham Knights #52.


  • No trivia.

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