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Detective Comics Vol 1 793


Detective Comics Vol 1 793

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"The Surrogate, Part Three: Deliverance": In the rubble left by the collapsed building, Batman and Leslie Thompkins battle to save Neisha and her baby while L'Shea just wants the baby alive. L’Shea is surprised to learn Batman has disc

Quote1 My God, Bruce, don't you see? You beat these madmen senseless, hand them over to the authorities, only to have them walking the streets again. Now only angrier and more violent than before. And you respond in kind. When does it end? Quote2
-- Leslie Thompkins

Appearing in "The Surrogate, Part Three: Deliverance"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • L'Shea (Helen Dupris)
  • Marquis

Other Characters:

  • Neisha Dupris (Dies)



Synopsis for "The Surrogate, Part Three: Deliverance"

In the rubble left by the collapsed building, Batman and Leslie Thompkins battle to save Neisha and her baby while L'Shea just wants the baby alive. L’Shea is surprised to learn Batman has discovered that she is not Neisha’s sister, but is instead her mother, having borne Neisha at 14 years old. The baby, a boy, is safely delivered by Caesarean section but is in desperate need of oxygen. Batman manages to open a small escape hole in which L'Shea uses to exit the building and rush to the hospital. Batman and Leslie then turn their attention to Neisha, but the young girl cannot be saved.

After freeing himself and Leslie from the building, Batman then pursues Mister Freeze, who is behind everything that has been happening even though Batman believes him to be on the payroll of someone else as well. And though the Dark Knight does not discover who this is, he suspects L'Shea could be more involved in her husband's criminal activities than she admits. The baby is passed off as L'Shea's and the singer starts being hailed as a 'miracle mom', given the fact that she was the only survivor of his husband's gang. The next day, Leslie visits Bruce and suggests that he should “change careers” and become a doctor like his father, given his excellent skills during the operation. He agrees to consider it, though both likely already know the answer.

Appearing in "The Tailor, Part Five"

Featured Characters:

  • The Tailor

Supporting Characters:

  • Janice
  • Danielle


  • Mayhem
  • Lightning
  • Roam
  • Bullet



Synopsis for "The Tailor, Part Five"

The Tailor contacts his ex-wife, sends her thousands of dollars, and gets her to leave town with their daughter, as his former colleagues in crime are after him, and may use them to get to him. He then uses all the resources at his disposal to make some armor which will be able to withstand the assault of Lightning, Roam and Bullet, his former friends, who are fast approaching.


  • This book was first published on April 7, 2004.
  • Instead of the monthly "DC In Demand" section, the last page of this issue is dedicated to Julius Schwartz, in order to commemorate his life and work in the comic book industry. Schwartz passed away on February 8, 2004; four months prior to the release of this issue.


  • On The Tailor, a poster with Barbara Gordon as Batgirl can bee seen on the background.

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