Quote1 Not much more to me than a small-town sheriff. Still, I reckon I'll do what I can. Quote2
-- Diana Prince src

Little is known thus far about the Diana Prince of Earth-18, save that she is obviously a superpowered being (as she is able to hold her own in full combat with her other dimensional counterparts, suggesting that she is a true Amazon and not merely a very strong human female) and that she is a small town sheriff.

This is very different from the Wonder Woman of the Elseworlds reality shown in "Justice Rangers" where Wonder Woman was a traveling U.S. Marshall.

Unlike her other dimensional counterparts, for some unrevealed reason Diana Prince does not wear an armored tiara.

The specific background of the Diana Prince of Earth-18 has yet to be fully revealed at this time, other than she has been captured by the Monarch and forced to fight in his selection process to determine the most powerful of the 52 Multiverse super-powered beings. Diana Prince of Earth-18 was defeated when her two dimensional counterparts teamed up to attack her allowing Diana Trevor of Earth-34 to strike her from behind.

  • This version is based on the 1997 Elseworlds one-shot entitled Justice Riders, written by Chuck Dixon, with art by J.H. Williams III.