During the DCU Campaign she first becomes playable during the third chapter which begins with her fighting and defeating Shang Tsung, then defeating Sub-Zero, Kitana, Captain Marvel (Under the influance of Rage), and being defeated by Jax and Scorpion. During the final chapter she assists the rest of the DC Heroes and villians in facing the Mortal Kombat Warriors after both Raiden and Superman defeat Dark Kahn she with the rest of the DCU characters watch over the tower to see Shao Kahn instead of Darkseid to see the both have switched places with each other.

In her ending, after defeating Dark Khan, Wonder Woman returns to Themyscira and finds some strange relics scattered across the island. Equipping herself with these weapons, her powers were enhanced beyond what the gods had given her. She and her Amazons would now be an unstoppable as they fought for the preservation of Earth.