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Wonder Woman is the Amazonian princess Diana; the daughter of the Amazonian Queen Hippolyta. She is also a founding member of the Justice League.


Born to Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, Diana lived a serene and joyful life until the intervention of Steve Trevor upon the island of Themyscira. A tournament is held among the Amazons to determine the representative that would return to Man's World along with Trevor. Diana defeated the other Amazons but was tasked with the final challenge, deflecting a bullet fired from a gun by her mother. Upon her winning the contest Diana was awarded a suit of armor and left for the United States though upon her arrival she was arrested and detained in a cell. Falling into despair Diana is visited by a the Olympian gods in their animal forms: a peacock, deer, owl, mouse and hawk who granted her the gift of strength, speed, endurance, empathy and flight.[1]

False Origin

After coming to the outside world she fought Phobos and Demios who were disguised as their father Ares, during the battle they tried to erase the memory of Themyscira from her and Steve Trevor's mind knowing she will wish to find out the truth and free their father. However, to prevent this the gods placed false memories in her mind leading to a separate origin story and caused her to hallucinate new adventures.[2][3] In her altered memories the Amazons traditionally procreated by raping and then murdering sailors who happened too close to their island, Hippolyta was supposed to have been barren. Legend told that Diana was born of her mother's strong desire for a child, a lump of clay brought to life in the form of a girl; the perfect Amazon, as she was born of no man.[4] The truth, though, was that Hippolyta had had an affair with Zeus, and Diana's real parentage was hidden in order to protect the Queen and her daughter from the wrath of Zeus' notoriously jealous wife Hera.[5] As such, Diana's power was inherited through her divine blood. Unknown to Diana, her mother also gave birth to her twin, a brother named Jason. Jason's current whereabouts are unknown.

Despite being the princess of the Amazons Diana never felt like she fit in with the others due to her supposedly being made from clay instead of flesh and blood like the other Amazons. Nor did she believe that this made her truly Hippolyta's daughter. This feeling was only made worse because of a rival named Alekka who did not consider her a "true" amazon because of her "origin" and mockingly referred to her as "clay."

On her birthday Diana was tasked to retrieve a Harpy egg to acknowledge her passing year. After retrieving the egg Aleka challenged her to a duel. It soon escalated into Diana beating her for calling her "clay" then running away. While weeping on how she is different she was approached by War who sought to train her as his disciplinary. Over the next months Diana began sneaking out at night to train with War, who was proud of her skill and affectionately referred to her as "little one". Forming an almost father-daughter bond. On her thirteenth birthday War tasked her with fighting the Minotaur, though Diana was able to outwit it she refused to kill it. War was disappointed in her unwillingness to kill and called her his greatest failure before leaving.

Diana would continue to live with these false memories and suffer more illusions for many years.

Justice League

Upon becoming a super-heroine, Wonder Woman became a founding member of the Justice League. Her ambassadorial duties required her to visit Washington D.C., with army officer Steve Trevor as her liaison. When Parademons stormed Metropolis, Wonder Woman resolved to defend the city, meeting the heroes Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern and Aquaman.[6] They also meet the young hero Cyborg, who attempts to warn them against the evil alien conqueror Darkseid. Unfortunately, Cyborg's warnings were meaningless, as Darkseid had already arrived.[7] Although Darkseid had initially beat them without effort, Green Lantern rallied them in order to confront Darkseid as a team.[8] Wonder Woman proved crucial in Darkseid's defeat, stabbing him in one of his eyes to prevent him from using his Omega Beams. This gave Superman and Cyborg enough time to throw Darkseid back into his home-world.[9]


Main article: Wonder Woman: Blood
Diana learns the truth of her parentage

Diana learns the truth of her parentage

While in London, Wonder Woman was summoned to help a young lady called Zola from the minions of the goddess Hera and after Diana defeated the enemies, she was informed by Hermes that Zola was pregnant with Zeus’s child, which caused Hera’s wrath.[10] Diana then took took Zola and the injured Hermes to the island of Themyscira, home of the Amazons, where Hera’s wrath reached them in the form of her daughter Strife. Wonder Woman used the Lasso of Truth to stop Strife from hurting the Amazons, but it caused her to reveal the fact that Diana and her were sisters.[4] The next day, Diana learned from her mother that she was in fact Zeus’ daughter and hurt by her existence being a lie, she decided to renounce the name Diana, and swore never to return to the island again.[5]

Unfortunately, not long after Diana left, Hera came for her vengeance, and though she could not bring herself to kill Hippolyta, she could not forgive them either. Feeling regret at giving up the only real family she had, Wonder Woman returned to Themyscira to find the Amazons absent, and her mother turned to stone.[11] Shortly after Wonder Woman encountered Lennox, a man who claimed to be another of Zeus' bastard children, and after learning that Zeus has gone missing, they confronted the Gods of Olympus, Poseidon and Hades, who might try to take over Zeus’ throne. [12] To prevent a war between gods, Diana proposed that the two brothers share Heaven with one ruling during the day, and the other at night. Hera angrily interceded, which was what Diana had planned and using Hermes' staff, she transported herself to Mount Olympus to face Hera alone. She warned that she would make Hera regret what she had done to her mother before returning to earth. Unfortunately, by the time she had returned, Hades had kidnapped Zola with the warning that Diana would need to make good on her bargain or Zola and her child would die.[13]


Preparing to get Zola back from Hades, Wonder Woman and her male companions sought out Eros in Italy. She hoped that he could lead them to Hephaestus, who might have been able to arm them appropriately for battle with the ruler of Hell. He lead them to Mount Etna, where the blacksmith agreed to arm them. As retribution for his aid, though, Hades sent a monster to kill them all, which had to be dispatched by Diana.[14] Afterwards, Hephaestus armed Diana with new weapons, insisting that she take Eros' guns of love with her to Hell.

Upon arriving, Diana and Hermes found themselves under attack by Hades' minions. Though they fought them off, they were surprised to find that time for Zola had passed much more quickly than for them. Her pregnancy was nearly at the end of its term. When they attempted to leave with her, Hades appeared, warning that one of them must stay behind - and if Diana was unprepared to make Hera his wife - as promised - she would do. However, upon seeing them, he instead agreed to let them all go in exchange for Eros' pistols. However, when Diana's back was turned, he fired them at her, and she fell under love's spell to him.[15]

Despite their displeasure at Diana's capture, Hephaestus is able to bring Lennox and Eros to Hades with him as guests to the wedding, without the aid of Hermes' staff. As the wedding drew nearer, Hades grew annoyed that few of his relatives had agreed to come. Diana's friends were the only attendees, aside from Strife, who merely wanted to cause her namesake emotion. Before the wedding ceremony took place, Hades insisted that Diana should prove her love by wearing his ring. The ring was a noose fashioned with the Lasso of Truth, and if Diana did not truly love him, he would kill her.[16]

Though Diana was able to admit honestly that she did love Hades, she escaped her bonds anyway, explaining that she could still love him and refuse his proposal. Angrily, Hades sent all of the forces of Hell to kill her, but she and her friends were rescued by Strife. Confronted by her fiancé again, Diana explained that she had not lied. Wonder Woman has the capacity to love everyone - a concept that could never be understood by one incapable of love, such as he. The realization that he was loved unconditionally disgusted Hades so much that he sent them all away. Before leaving, Hephaestus gifted Hades with a mirror, and shot him with Eros' pistols, allowing, at least, for Hades to love himself.[17]

With Zola's pregnancy reaching full term, she insisted on seeing her own doctor in Michigan. While there, they were all attacked by Artemis and Apollo. Unprepared, Diana and her companions were defeated, and Zola was taken to Mount Olympus to be delivered to Hera in exchange for the throne. Apparently, Hera was willing to give up her throne for the sake of revenge.[18] However, she had expected Zeus to return as soon as his rule was threatened. Not so. When Apollo sat on the throne, he was crowned ruler, and when he learned of Hera's deceit, he exiled her from Olympus.

With Wonder Woman arrived in pursuit, Strife warned of the prophecy Apollo and Artemis feared: a child of Zeus would kill a god to take the throne. That child could be Diana or Zola's child. Sending Zola back with Hermes to have her baby in peace, Diana warned that if they were not left alone, she would fulfill the prophecy herself. Unfortunately, upon her return to Michigan, Diana found that Hermes had betrayed them, and once Zola gave birth to her son, he whisked the child away, and gave it to Demeter. Diana swore to get the boy back and bring Hermes to justice.[19]


Recruiting a newly mortal, but still very bitter Hera into her group of companions, Wonder Woman retreated to London. Lennox revealed that there had been seven bastard children of Zeus. He and Diana were two, two others had been killed, and three remained. He suggested that for information on where the baby had been taken, Diana should contact their sister Siracca in Libya.[20] Her encounter with Siracca did not begin well, but after Wonder Woman appealed to her sense of family, she suggested that Diana seek out their brother Milan in New York City.[21]

Meanwhile, the New God Orion had learned that a great danger was to be found on Earth in the form of the child of a god. He sought out his old friend Milan for help. Nearby, Diana and Lennox decided to seek Milan for themselves, leaving Zola and Hera to bicker with one another in the meantime. They found him in the old subway system with Orion. Though their encounter began violently, Lennox managed to explain that they had accounted for six of the seven children of Zeus.[22] Orion believed that one of those seven is the child that he had been sent to kill. Lennox and Diana believed that he was referring to Zola's kidnapped son, and so they convinced Milan to search through the ether until he located the boy in the arms of Demeter.[23] When they all returned to Manhattan to find Zola and Hera in a bar with War, Diana managed to convince her uncle to lead her to Demeter's domain.[24]

Hermes attacked Wonder Woman there, refusing to simply give up the child, but during their battle, War took the direct approach, and simply ripped the baby from Demeter's womb and disappeared. Unable to let a grave wound such as that go unattended, Diana saw to Demeter first, and the goddess warned that War could not be trusted. Worriedly, Diana and Orion returned to Manhattan to find that War had returned the baby to Zola. At last, the baby and his mother were reunited - and Orion would not have to look any further for the child he needed to kill.[25]


With the boy safe, Zola decided to name him Zeke. Diana shared a drink with War, who congratulated her in uniting a dysfunctional family and converting it into a strong band of allies. Unfortunately, Orion began hitting on her, so Wonder Woman punched him in the face and threatened to rip his testicles off. Frustrated, Orion left.[26]

Suddenly, Zola and the others are attacked by Artemis, who was sent by Apollo to kill Zeke, Zola's son. While Zola and the others escaped with Zeke, Wonder Woman took on Artemis by herself. Diana defeated Artemis and went to protect Zola and the others, while Ares took the defeated Artemis back to Apollo.[27]

However, the First Born and Cassandra, two of Zeus' illegitimate children, attacked Zola. Wonder Woman, Lennox and Orion worked together to fight the First Born, but he proved to be stronger than they had anticipated. Orion's Astro Harness incapacitated Cassandra, and Orion opened a Boom Tube so that Wonder Woman and her allies could escape. The First Born attempted to pry the Boom Tube open, but Lennox sacrificed himself so that the others could escape safely. Wonder Woman and her allies arrived at the other side of the Boom Tube and were greeted by Highfather, who explained that they were on New Genesis.[28]

As her injuries healed, Wonder Woman and her friends spent some time on New Genesis. Wonder Woman spoke to Highfather, who agreed to let her return to Earth. As soon as Wonder Woman and her friends returned to Earth, Orion decided to go with them. Arriving to London, they realized the First Born had wrecked the entire city and killed Lennox. The First Born summoned an army of hyena men to kill the intruders but Ares arrived to help Wonder Woman in the fight.[29]

Wonder Woman engaged the First Born, but he quickly gained the advantage and attempted to kill Zeke. However, War challenged the First Born to a fight while Wonder Woman recovered. Then, Wonder Woman grabbed a spear and impaled both Ares and the First Born. As he died, Ares congratulated Wonder Woman for being a great warrior. Wonder Woman spared the First Born's life and went with Hades to take Ares' body to the River Styx.[30]

As Wonder Woman returned to her apartment, Hermes brought her to Olympus, where the gods declared her the new Goddess of War. Diana asked Apollo to restore Hera's godhood, but Apollo refused. Diana returned to London, and Apollo told her that she would not be able to ignore her responsibilities as Goddess of War for long. Diana was still angry at Hermes for his betrayal and asked him to leave, with Hermes stating that, just like she forgave Hera, perhaps in the future, she would forgive him.[31]

Later, Diana, Zola and Hera had lunch while they were watched by Hermes. Orion, believing Hermes had bad intentions, attacked him before being stopped by Wonder Woman, at the same time Strife appeared. Back at the apartment, Strife gave War's helmet to Diana, even though Diana still felt uncomfortable at becoming the new Goddess of War. In that moment, Siraca entered the apartment and told Diana that Milan had been captured by Cassandra. Wonder Woman asked Hermes to take her to Chernobyl, and he accepted to help.[32]

Arriving at Chernobyl, Wonder Woman, Orion, Siracca and Hermes engaged Cassandra's forces to save Milan. Cassandra threatened to kill Milan if Wonder Woman did not reveal the First Born's location. Wonder Woman told her the First Born was in Olympus, but as she left, Cassandra strapped a bomb to Milan's chest. To contain the explosion, Orion took Milan through a boom tube. Returning home, Wonder Woman discovered Zola and Zeke had left, as Zola felt guilty that people were risking their lives to protect them.[33]

Wonder Woman and Hermes briefly returned to Themyscira so that Diana could pay her respects to her petrified mother. When they got back to her apartment, they found Hera crying and mourning the days when she used to be a goddess. As Diana comforted her, she realized she would need help in finding Zola and Zeke. Wonder Woman went to the Taiga, Siberia, where she asked Artemis for her help. Artemis agreed, on the condition Diana and her have a rematch. Wonder Woman, knowing they are in Artemis' realm, threw the fight.[34]

With Artemis' help, Wonder Woman tracked Zola down to a subway station, where they found a lock of fox fur. Realizing Zola was with Dionysius, they went to Providence, where Dionysius was currently located. They found Dionysius captured by Cassandra's minion, the Minotaur. When Cassandra's forces were about to depart to Olympus, Wonder Woman ambushed them and hung onto their plane. When the jet arrived to Olympus, the mountain was hit by a massive explosion.[35]

Wonder Woman managed to stabilize the plane when it was hit by the shockwave. Hermes and Artemis also arrived at Olympus, where Artemis discovered that Apollo had died in the attack. Among the ruins of the tower, the First Born claims the throne of Olympus. Wonder Woman confronted the First Born, but he gained the upper hand. However, Hera arrived at Olympus, having regained her Olympian powers, revealing Apollo restored her powers before dying. Hera teleported Wonder Woman and her allies to Paradise Island. There, Wonder Woman found Zola, safe. Hera had also restored the Amazons back to life. Wonder Woman chose to lead them to battle as the new God of War.[36]

Although the Amazons were back to normal, Hippolyta was still a statue, and Hera could not restore her back to life. Zola wanted to leave the island, but Diana told her she and her child were safer with the Amazons. Diana addressed the Amazons and declared her intentions to end the Amazons' isolation and that every Amazon must protect Zeke, a male child.[37]

Wonder Woman's social reforms were not initially accepted by the Amazons, even if they were morally necessary. Later, she had a training session with Artemis, who urges her to accept the Amazons' worship as a goddess, but Diana refuses. Unfortunately, Dessa, a fellow Amazon, kidnaps Zeke and threatens to throw him off a cliff, for she disagreed with Diana's new perspective. Diana convinces her to return the boy to Zola. Shortly afterwards, the men of Paradise Island return to their original home, with Diana welcoming them with open arms.[38]

As the men help the Amazons prepare for battle against the First Born's army, Diana receives news the First Born has been attacking other gods' realms. With Eros and Artemis, Wonder Woman ambushes the Minotaur at Demeter's home. Unfortunately, the First Born has already defeated Demeter, so Wonder Woman sends her companions to safety while she confronts him by herself.[39]

The First Born imprisons Wonder Woman in what remains of Olympus and orders his forces to attack Themyscira. As they watch the confrontation, the First Born offers her to a place in his goals of conquest, but she steadfastly refuses, causing his foe to thrust a spike into her side.[40] As Diana lies mortally wounded, Eris drags her to Themyscira, for she wants Diana to see her home destroyed and humiliate her. Recovering her strength, Wonder Woman punches Eris down and takes Zola and Zeke to Olympus. Her plan is to place Zeke on the throne, so that he can be the new king of Olympus and end the bloodshed, but before she can, Poseidon reveals his presence.[41]

As Zola defeats Poseidon, the First Born returns to Olympus and orders the Minotaur to attack Wonder Woman. The Minotaur, however, refuses to kill her and the First Born kills him instead. Upon seeing the unmasked Minotaur, Diana discovers her foe was the creature she had spared in the labyrinth.[42] Wonder Woman furiously throws the First Born into the abyss he was originally trapped in while Zola places Zeke on the throne. Zola reveals herself to be Athena and Zeke is another iteration of Zeus himself. Both had planned for Wonder Woman to fight the First Born and accept her destiny as a goddess. With the conflict ended, Athena planned to end her human identity and become a goddess once more, but Wonder Woman convinces her to allow Zola and Zeke to live without godly interference.[43]

Romance with Superman, Trinity War and Forever Evil

After a mission which saw the Justice League rescue Steve Trevor from the degenerate David Graves, Wonder Woman talks with Superman about their individual similarities, leading to a kiss.[44] A fight with Cheetah led them to take the decision to be more open with their relationship.[45]

Superman Wonder Woman Vol 1 4 Textless

Wonder Woman became Superman's girlfriend.

Their first adventure together as a serious couple involves a battle with Doomsday, a monster of Kryptonian legend.[46] Superman, already familiar to the monster, explains Doomsday was sealed into a pocket dimension called the Phantom Zone. Seeking preparation against enemies that could match them in power, Wonder Woman asks Hephaestus to forge weapons for them. .[47] Later, the Justice League intercepts the arrival of General Zod, another Kryptonian survivor. Superman gives him shelter in the Fortress of Solitude, but the couple discovers their relationship is now public knowledge.[48][49]

While Superman watches out for Zod, Diana visits the deserted Themyscira speaks to her mother, still a clay statue. In her absence, a demon from Tartarus had escaped from its prison and roamed free on the island. Wonder Woman destroys the creature and seals the gates to Tartarus with her lasso. Leaving the island, she receives word from Batman that Superman is engaging Zod and Faora in battle. Reaching Superman’s side, Wonder Woman steadily overwhelms Faora until Zod threatens Superman’s life. Wonder Woman is forced to let the criminals go.[50]

Superman Wonder Woman Vol 1 6 Textless

Superman and Wonder Woman vs. Zod and Faora.

In order to defeat them, Superman and Wonder Woman collect the magic armors created by Hephaestus and intercept Zod and Faora building a portal to the Phantom Zone. At first, they defeat Zod and Faora by detonating their armors at point-blank range, but Zod and Faora are revitalized by a beam of sunlight sent by Apollo, which gives the criminals enough strength to beat them and trap them in an abandoned nuclear reactor. As a last-ditch effort to stop their enemies, Superman and Wonder Woman cause a nuclear explosion, but not before Superman tells Wonder Woman he loves her. The explosion traps Zod and Faora back in the Phantom Zone, and Superman shields Wonder Woman with his cape.[51] The two heroes barely survive the explosion and Superman takes Diana to Hessia, who uses a healing crystal to save her. [52]

After Despero to the authorities, Wonder Woman and Superman come across the mysterious Pandora, someone Wonder Woman is all too familiar with. She believes Superman can use her box to trap the evil she unleashed in ancient times; but when Superman touches it, he is overwhelmed by its power. While Pandora takes the box and takes her leave, the two heroes receive news that a new superhuman, Shazam, is entering the borders of Kahndaq. Their confrontation with Shazam turns violent until the Justice League and the Justice League of America intervene to defuse the situation. Suddenly, Dr. Light loses control of his powers and begins absorbing Superman's solar energy, unleashing an energy beam at Wonder Woman. In a fit of anger, Superman kills Dr. Light with his heat vision, an action that causes a fight between the two Leagues.[53]

Trinity War

The Trinity War was major conflict between the three Justice Leagues.

Superman begs his fellow heroes to arrest him, and while he is taken to the A.R.G.U.S. facilities, Diana expresses disapproval at Steve’s secret Justice League. Wonder Woman travels to the Temple of Hephaestus and demands Hephaestus tell her about what the box really is. Hephaestus answers the box was not created by the Gods of Olympus and the truth is a mystery even to them. And so, Wonder Woman seeks help from the Justice League Dark.[54] Suddenly, the three Justice Leagues converge at the House of Mystery, where the heroes are divided, one side led by Wonder Woman, the other by Batman. Zatanna Zatara, having taken Wonder Woman’s side, teleports the group away.[55] Wonder Woman’s group tracks Pandora’s box to Lex Luthor’s prison cell, where Pandora was offering the box to Luthor. Wonder Woman grabs the box but is overwhelmed by its power.[56]

A fight breaks out among the heroes for possession of the box and is only ended when John Constantine grabs the box, being the only one capable of doing so without being corrupted. Zatanna and Constantine take the box to the temple of Hephaestus, where the three Justice Leagues have converged again. [57] After yet another battle between heroes, the box goes dormant and the Justice Leagues discover a Kryptonite sliver in Superman’s nervous system, placed there by the Atom, an traitor working for the Outsider, leader of the Secret Society. Then, the Outsider uses the box to open a path across universes, allowing the Crime Syndicate to enter the Justice Leagues’ world.[58]

The Crime Syndicate imprisons the Justice Leagues inside the Firestorm Matrix[59]which psychologically places them in situations that depict their greatest failures. Wonder Woman is placed in a situation where she is forced to do battle against both Amazons and humans for the lives of Superman and Steve Trevor. Martian Manhunter and Stargirl attempt to break her out but Wonder Woman ignores him.[60][61]

Wonder Woman and the other heroes are finally released from the Firestorm Matrix when Batman uses the lasso of truth on Firestorm. However, Superman is still infected with the Kryptonite shard inside his nervous system, but Lex Luthor is able to extract it, saving Superman's life. At the same time, Luthor had assembled a group of villains that had defeated Crime Syndicate. Later, at the Batcave, Wonder Woman and the Justice League talk about the enemy that destroyed the Crime Syndicate's world and come to the conclusion that Darkseid will return. [62]

Queen of the Amazons

Hippolyta was still a clay statue, forcing Diana to take the Amazon throne, at least until she could find a way to turn her mother back to normal. At the same time, the Justice League had discovered strange environmental events that had destroyed small villages around the world, leaving only vegetation behind. Furious, Wonder Woman attacks Swamp Thing, accusing him of causing such devastation, while Swamp Thing claims innocence. Aquaman defuses the situation before it can escalate any further. Later, Wonder Woman returns to Themyscira, only to discover Hippolyta's statue has crumbled. [63] On a training session, Clark asks Diana if she wants to talk about her recent experiences, but Diana replies that, as queen, grief is not a luxury she can afford. Later, Diana is called for a meeting by the Amazon council, which forces a choice on her: become permanent Queen or abdicate the throne. Before the discussion can continue, the island is attacked by Stymphalian Birds, Ares’ pets who were now drawn to Diana as the God of War. Accepting her new responsibilities, Diana successfully defends Themyscira.[64]

Later, in London, Diana talks with Hessia about what being Queen really means. Hessia tells her the changes she is trying to impose are hard, and it might take a long time to the Amazons to accept them. Wonder Woman is called by the Justice League to look for the survivors of another missing village. As part of the operation, Superman explores the interior of a volcano until he is attacked by insects and loses contact with the League. [65] Wonder Woman and Batman are next to enter the volcano and find Superman safe and sound. Exploring the volcano further, the heroes find the missing villagers dead and their remains encased in cocoons by one of the volcano’s insectoid denizens. Wonder Woman almost kills one of these creatures, until the League intervenes and takes the creature to the Watchtower for medical attention. Upon returning to Paradise Island, Diana speaks to the spirit of Hippolyta. Comforting her daughter, Hippolyta motivates Diana into accepting her duty as God of War. Diana also learns that relations between Amazons and the Sons of Themyscira have gone sour and the Amazons have created Donna Troy from magical clay, an Amazon who seeks to replace Diana as Queen.[66]

In order to prove her devotion to her people, the Amazon issued a challenge to Diana, one she will meet in two days. In the meantime, the Justice League had tracked the insectoid queen down to a remote mountain. The League journeys deep into the mountain and encounter the queen. Diana condemns her for the lives she has taken, but the insectoid queen replies it was Diana’s actions, namely her throwing of the First Born into the depths of the Earth, that awoke the insectoids from their slumber.[67]

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After the death of Superman, Diana became depressed and began to remember her origins differently, questioning whether she truly was mocked as a child or her relationship with Ares. In a fit of rage Diana crushed the helmet of war. Realizing she shouldn't have been able to do that, she used the Lasso of Truth on herself and discovered that she has been deceived. Diana traveled to Olympus for answers, but found it abandoned.

After finding Steve Trevor, she began to remember her true origins and traveled to "Themyscira" where she was welcomed by her mother. She questioned how she was alive, remembering how Hera killed her. After removing her bracelets Diana realized that her past adventures with the Amazons were in fact an illusion and that she had never returned home since she originally left. With Steve and Barbara Minerva by her side she decided to find out the truth and who has been deceiving her.

As Diana set out to discover the truth, Superman faced up to Mr. Mxyzptlk in a battle that changed reality itself. A consequence of that change was Diana never dated Clark.[68]


  • Divine Empowerment: After leaving for Man's World Diana was gifted with various powers by the Gods.
  • Superhuman Strength: Diana possess greater strength than the finest human athletes. She kept an A.R.G.U.S aircraft from crashing by holding it up, She's dispatched numerous parademons during Darkseid's invasion and broke the fortress of solitude's doors down when H'el locked Superman out and took control of it. She's also managed to briefly overpower both Green Lantern and Aquaman as well as Supergirl. Due to being the daughter of Zeus her bracers keep her godlike power under check. Without her bracers she managed to defeat the goddess Artemis. She also drew blood from The First Born.
  • Superhuman Durability: Diana possesses a high resistance to damage and magical attacks. Her resistance to injury is not quite as great as any of the above mentioned metahumans. However, due to her vast threshold for pain and her amazon ability to heal at a superhuman rate, this easily makes up for the difference. She has withstood considerable bludgeoning damage in the form of hand to hand combat with metahuman opponents such as Superman and Shazam.[69] She has considerable resistance to human weaponry, though this is not absolute; Bullets, and edged weapons can cause minor to moderate injury, but never life threatening.[citation needed]
  • Flight: After being hit by a magical feather thrown by the God Hermes, Diana gained the power to fly at high speeds.[19]
  • Superhuman Speed: She is able to think, react and move at superhuman speeds. According to Flash, she can keep up with him if he is at regular cruising speed (but not at top speed).[citation needed]
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Wonder Woman's reflexes are far beyond the limitations of the finest human athletes. She has been able to react to a barrage of gunfire from multiple opponents at once unharmed. Batman noted that her reflexes are superior to that of Superman.[citation needed]
  • Superhuman Stamina: Wonder Woman can last a great deal of time in any fight and with virtually anyone. She has held her own in combat with foes as powerful as a Doomsday clone. She doesn't tire out, as her body produces no lactic acids in her muscles.[citation needed]
  • Enhanced Healing Factor: In the rare event of suffering a serious injury, Diana can heal from mild to moderate injuries at an amazing rate. Her normal regenerative abilities allow her to recover from injury within seconds to minutes. She possesses an incredible immunity from poisons, toxins, as well as disease.[citation needed]
  • Animal Empathy: Ability to communicate with all forms of animals and her presence alone can bring a raging beast to a calm standstill. She is also able to directly command wild animals when needed.
  • Suspended Aging: Wonder Woman, like the rest of her kind, does not age beyond her prime, allowing her to retain her physical prowess, health, vitality and youthful appearance indefinitely. This ultimately makes her immune to natural death.[citation needed]


  • Enhanced Intellect: Diana possesses great wisdom and intelligence. She is among the smartest and wisest members of the Justice League, along with the Martian Manhunter and Batman.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Trained by Ares, the God of War, Diana is the finest warrior ever born among the Amazons of Themyscira. She is a master of armed and unarmed combat, proficient with nearly every weapon ever made (especially the bow and the javelin) and the exotic martial arts styles of the Amazons.


  • Batman has noted that, though Wonder Woman has no convenient weaknesses (such as Superman's Kryptonite), he believes that, would she ever turn evil, her relationship with Superman would be the key in stopping her.[71]


  • Lasso of Truth
  • Bracelets of Submission: Two magic bracelets that can deflect projectile attacks. Also, Wonder Woman can remove them to gain a significant power boost. The Bracelets were later modified by Hephaestus, allowing Wonder Woman to magically summons swords, bow & arrows, pole arms and more from them.
  • Magical Sword: A sword forged by Hephaestus, sharp enough to cut the electrons off an atom.



  • Qwardian Power Ring (formerly) : As a warrior goddess and the goddess of war Diana was aptly chosen to be a temporary member of the Sinestro Corps.[74]
  • Wonder Woman was initially stated to be 23 years old,[18] but this was later contradicted, as she was established to have been born in the classical antiquity.[75]
  • According to Greg Rucka, Wonder Woman is bisexual; she does have an interest to people of the same gender, though not exclusively.[76]
  • Wonder Woman is dating Steve Trevor.



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This character is or was a member of the Justice League of America, or the Justice League in any of its various incarnations, sworn by a duty to act as guardians of America and the world by using their skills and/or superpowers to protect Earth from both interstellar and domestic threats.
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