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This is the Dick Grayson disambiguation page.

Current alternate identity: RobinNightwingBatman

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Richard "Dick" Grayson is a member of the Batman Family who has been a superhero most of his life and held several aliases. His parents were the Flying Graysons, acrobats performing with him alongside in the traveling Haly's Circus. They were tragically murdered by a mobster in Gotham City named Tony Zucco, and millionaire Bruce Wayne adopted him as his legal ward at a very young age. Grayson went through extensive training in martial arts and crimefighting to become the original Robin, Batman's sidekick. Many years later when he had outgrown the position, he took the name and costume of Nightwing. Jason Todd was his successor, followed by Tim Drake. As an adult he becomes Batman to replace Bruce Wayne during Battle for the Cowl, alongside Damian Wayne as his Robin. Since Bruce's return they operate simultaneously as part of Batman Incorporated. He was also a founding member and leader of the Teen Titans, and has been on the Outsiders, and currently the Justice League of America. Dick Grayson was created by Bob Kane, Bill Finger and Jerry Robinson, first appearing in Detective Comics #38. (1940)


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