Dmane was born in the far future of the 70th Century. The future was peaceful due to the use of magnetic technology. Dmane turned the advanced technology to his own use, by conquering the earth. Dmane was arrested and then put on trial, his punishment was be executed by disintegration in the year 6946.

The Flash was performing a time travel experiment, and due to a fluke accident he transported Dmane from his own time moments before his disintegration, bringing him back to the year 1946. Dmane informed his unintended benefactor who he was, and the scientist tried to send him back to the 70th Century. Dmane destroyed the time machine and set about using magnetic powers to conquer the past.

Dmane went on a rampage, but was stopped by the Flash when the hero realized he needed to remain in contact with the Earth to use his power magnetic powers. The Flash then transported the criminal back to the future, leaving him at the precise moment he disappeared, just in time to be executed.



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