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Quote1 You call this justice? I call it oppression! I call it tyranny! Quote2
-- Lin Canar src

Dob Zagil was an E'Fal of Fluvian. A teacher, he was chosen as a Green Lantern after Lin Canar declined the honor. Dob pursued his new career with vigor, but found his planet's natural prejudices working against him. Most of the crime came from the second tribe, the nomadic and disemfranchised O'Lav. His ring didn't allow him to destroy them, so he resorted to scaring them into abiding the law. As crime dropped, the E'Fal worshipped him, and built their entire justice system around him. However, his practice of "stopping crime before it happened" essentially lead to tyrannizing the O'Lav populace. The scientist Lin Canar stood up for them, and eventually defeated Zagil.[1]




Oath unknown.



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