Dr. Blizzard was a member of the Injustice Guild who operated as a criminal, fighting against the Justice Guild. Presumably he along with his fellow Injustice Guild members have died during a missile attack that devastated Seaboard City in 1962. Ray Thompson, a child who idolized the Justice Guild and was turned into a mutant who could mentally create virtual-reality constructs, recreated Dr. Blizzard as well as the rest of the Injustice Guild team while trapping the living citizens of Seaboard City in this virtual-reality recreation for 40 years, preventing them from aging. When the Justice League team appeared from their reality into that which the Justice Guild inhabited, the Injustice Guild members focused their efforts on destroying both teams of heroes. During a crime spree where Dr. Blizzard attempted to steal a newly-activated fountain in front of Seaboard City's City Hall, he froze both Black Siren and the Flash in a block of ice, thus winning the right to devise a diabolical scheme for destroying both teams. The Injustice Guild then robbed the Seaboard City Mint and took off with their gains on board a blimp, with the Flash and Black Siren tied to the side of the blimp and held hostage. However, the Justice League and the Justice Guild were successful in rescuing their captured companions and bringing the Injustice Guild members to justice. Dr. Blizzard along with the rest of the Injustice Guild vanished when the Justice Guild defeated Ray Thompson, thus restoring Seaboard City to its original devastated appearance.


A doctor's examining headband that fires ice, either in a steady stream or as sharp ice chips.

  • Docor Blizzard is based loosely on the Golden Age villain The Icicle.
  • Doctor Blizzard was voiced by Corey Burton.